Leo April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Consider yourself warned that it is time to think of the long term and leave aside any matters of the past that have been weighing you down lately. This April, there is no time for insignificant details and for people who are rather critical of your endeavors.

You can’t blame anyone but yourself for any moments of inactivity this month as it seems that your progress, both from a personal and professional point of view, is mostly in your hands.

With the Sun’s positive trine position, you will benefit from a dynamic energy that will keep you on the go the majority of the month.

Not lacking enthusiasm for anything new and innovative you come across, you will charge yourself from moments of high idealism and may agree to things that you will then need to take back when you return with your feet on the ground.

There may be some pressure from your partner to deliver tangible results, but you are going to make use of your charm to defuse any conflicts whilst they’re germinating.

You will be in the spotlight, especially during the second half of the month, most likely for your progressive views and you will keep your head high, no matter the criticism that is being brought upon yourself, perhaps even by older family members.


TOP TIP of the month: You are left to your own devices this April so brush off any self-pity or sentimentalisms and get to work. Your honesty and directness will best function when accompanied by good arguments and eloquent speech.

Fixed in your ways

You start off this April in style under the Sun conjunct Mercury disposition, one that is both clarity enhancing and mind cluttering.

How is this possible you may ask? Well, you will know exactly what you want but at the same time, in order to obtain it, you will need to take into account numerous variables.

And to make matters more entertaining, this is a great time to write letters, emails and all sort of communications so you will mostly keep yourself busy with other people.

Mars conjunct Saturn will only get you to think about travel but it appears that some tasks at work, more precisely, their urgency, are going to keep you grounded.

Unlike other occasions, you are not working very well with deadlines this period and may encounter further delays as you find it difficult to adapt to on the spot changes. You may even take it on those delivering news of the changes, even though they may not necessarily be at fault for what is going on.

Starting off on the 14th under the soothing influence of Jupiter sextile Pluto, you will begin to open up to changes and will start regarding them as opportunities rather than threats, perhaps will even try to trigger some yourself.


Enhance! Professional recognition will likely be one of the highs of this month, with you flying through tasks and targets. You can boost your chances of promotion if you allow yourself to delegate work more often and if you learn how to get your colleagues to support your initiatives.

Romance and work

With Mercury in a favourable position, although retrograde, you don’t fear any exchanges and will seek to communicate with a variety of people.

There is still an increased risk of errors but you are willing to accept them and deal with them as they come up.

Working diligently, you will not get into any competitive races around the 20th, perhaps because you are too busy researching spiritual matters and preparing mentally for future travel.

Under the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect you may end up rebelling against some rules in the workplace but this will be a rather tempered rebellion. You know this is not the time to make any waves so you will try to satisfy this need of yours by siding with the unconventional types at work.

Around the 21st, romance will be at an all time high for single natives as they will tend to be more open to meeting new people. Perhaps your friends are going to arrange something for you.


Astrological aspect of the month: The April 15th New Moon may favor exciting changes in theory but unless you are ready and determined to embrace an extensive transformation, don’t even dare to start dreaming about what could be.

Doing the right thing

Around the 20th, you will be very busy dealing with taxes, legal aspects and some domestic issues. Whilst at first you are going to dread these activities, you will eventually ease into them and at the end of it all, you will actually be rather proud of yourself.

To be honest, you will most likely benefit from strong support from your partner but it is still you who will battle it all so, well done!

You will need to play your cards right to get the attention of someone very important who could potentially speed things up for you.

An old friendship will surface, someone with whom you used to be very close with and although you will both be very excited to see each other, things are simply not going to be the same. Reminiscing will be good but this is mostly where things will stop.

Benefiting from Mars’ position in Capricorn, you will dedicate most of your energy to going out, after the 24th. It may be that you get some free time from work and can only aspire to spend it in a relaxed environment.


Watch out! The square formed by Jupiterwith Leo may predispose for outstanding results but there is also the risk of one small step ruining everything. You’ll tend to lose your sense of balance and will even act in a “megalomaniacal” way.

A celebratory disposition

The last week of April will be one marked by thoughts of travel and day dreaming of escapades very far away. With the passage of Venus in the 10th house, you will find that you will easily attract the attention of important people. Some natives will need to travel in order to seal the deal.

Around the 25th, there may be some professional challenges that will give you a headache, perhaps an interview or some sort of exam. You are going to impress people of authority and your plan will go to completion.

Don’t hurry into celebrating too early though because there may still be some busy days at work. You could potentially simplify your activities by delegating but this is not going to be something you will be keen on doing.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th surfaces some relationship tensions but you will know exactly how to react to minimize them.

Your partner may accuse you of trying to brush things away so it is important to acknowledge what is being brought forward, especially if behavioral changes are expected of you.

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