Leo April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-03-24, 4422 views

In April, your mood will be good and nothing can change this that easily. Not even the fact that you may find yourself wrapped around some disappointing circumstances.

The horoscope is now mainly in favour of athletes or any other sports people because it is a time when they can make the most progress. The lion can, of course, rely on the support of the close ones because even people who’ve kept their distance will now be on your side.

It may seem to you this month that the love affair you are engaged in is doomed to fail, but in fact, it is more durable than you thought.

The tests that you and your partner live under in these days will make you stronger and more united than ever. If you are single, you can sort this status out with more communication and openness to fun, everything depends on you and what you want!

April highlights

This April you will continue the work on yourself you have started last month but this time you seem to be a lot more inspired and even willing to share with the rest of the world your efforts. There will be a couple of lucky moments in which you will be in the spotlight.

Some natives may find that if they have abandoned an older plan, it is now time to resuscitate it and to pull at it hard to achieve it!

This month you're an explorer. You dream of traveling in distant lands, and fortunately the stars are ready to give you a helping hand, so keep your tourist guides at your fingertips, they may be of use to you very soon!

What tempts you are not just the new places but also the new knowledge. You want to learn, to experience, and it is the best time to follow your inclinations.

Do you think of a professional reorientation, do you want to learn to cook exotic food or do you want to learn Italian? Do not miss a moment because you now have all the chances to catch everything "out of the air".

You have a little care with your proverbial side! Your thirst for knowledge will bring you a lot of new knowledge that you will be impatient to share with others.

But not everyone has the same opinions, and it is not necessary to insist too much when the conciliation is difficult to achieve.

You might get involved in some more heated talks. Mars and Pluto might prompt you to be more aggressive in attitude but you know how to temper yourself overall.

In love, you will benefit from the presence of Venus on your astral map throughout the month. She'll take care of your physical appetite, so in April you'll be more seductive than ever.

Leo love horoscope for April

In April, prepare for fun, for you and your lover as you will spend many exciting moments together. You may receive invitations to special events and you will want to surprise your lover with new activities that manage to get you even closer.

April will catch you up in the maximum affectionate mood and you will definitely feel the need to take the initiative in this area, but attention to what you communicate to others about your love story. You don’t want to seem too gossipy or worse, too enthusiastic.

Those who’ve just started a relationship are advised to find out, as quickly as possible, whether what is happening is real or an illusion, as there is no time to lose on such matters.

Where there should be a return to older issues, the increased interaction with the friends' environment can be interesting and break the monotony in the couple.

What might also spice things up a bit, towards the end of April, refers to you and your partner trying to match the activities other couples are involved in, even if this doesn’t necessary match your own preferences.

Career progress this month

This April there is one valuable piece of advice for you and that is to reorganize yourself and find a way to better manage your time!

The situation is still on the financial plane, now that Mercury is on the go. You could discover ingenious methods to pay a series of debts, but you can also unlock a number of funds or funding to develop your business.

Be careful not to get caught in dangerous financial games, especially in the first half of the month, so avoid gambling or risky investments at all costs.

From a professional point of view, make sure you catch as much rest as possible during the first half of the month as you will be entering into a fast-paced period from the 20th onwards.

You become very visible and you can benefit from a promotion, recognition of merits and - why not? - maybe celebrity. This will also be reflected in financial terms.

At the end of April 2019, Pluto and Saturn will begin to retrograde in your sixth house, that of work and health. As a result, despite success at work, all sorts of problems, obstacles and delays may arise, or you may suddenly feel overwhelmed by what you've just taken for yourself.

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