Leo April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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This month, some of you Leos will have a more philosophical outlook on your life. As the month progresses, you will look deeper into where you are going.

Disagreements with the partner or someone in the family could shake the boat, but trust that negotiating with feelings toward each party will smooth the way.

Your assertion in these challenging circumstances will be very beneficial to all. A work problem can look very promising, but remember that not everything that shines is gold. You will not receive complete information with respect to details that could be very important to you but perhaps you can piece the missing info together with a little attention.

In April, your mood will be rather good and nothing will change. Not even the fact that you may discover something you are not very happy about. The horoscope is now mainly in favor of the courageous people, as it is a time when they can make the most progress. The lion can, of course, rely on the support of those close by. Everyone will be on your side.

April highlights

You are entering a pleasant, dynamic, but especially very romantic time. Venus settles for longer in Gemini, a friendly sign for your zodiac sign.

Your heart and mind are open to new projects, far from what you have known before. Creativity and versatility allow you to take advantage of experiences. You have new chances, your career could be relaunched.

Mercury joins Venus to help you sign an agreement, to sign a contract. You supervise a project that you are free to develop at your fingertips. In love, you make a commitment, meant to improve the situation and strengthen your bonds.

At the start of April there may be certain differences between you and your life or business partner. From the 5th onwards, you enjoy more popularity in the social field and meet new people. There are some chances of collaboration or of linking partnerships and friends with future prospects. But you are going through a difficult time at work.

During or around the 14th, there are fierce struggles for power in the business partnership but also some opportunities to travel in personal or professional interest.

During or around the date 25th, there is a period full of obstacles and challenges in the workplace, which could bring a series of unpleasant surprises in the professional plane.

Leo love horoscope for April

April the 5th could mark a new beginning in your couple’s life, one that is more responsible and more sincere. So put your emotions on the table and ask of your partner to do the same. Truth might not be easy or too colourful but it is necessary for forging a successful future together.

In a couple's life, there is a lot of talk about assuming responsibilities, about commitments and involvement, and there will definitely be a need for a re-examination of the rules after which your marriage works.

Ideally, there should be no pressure and find a way of dialogue that does not involve force or manipulation, but rather a realistic exposition of the truth and realities of your relationship, as it is.

Mars and Saturn animate you with their activity as well, helping you repair or stabilize your marriage, if you keep at it. Tensions are not lacking, especially after the 10th, when a series of conflicts of direction come to light.

Most likely, you don't see the future in the same way as your partner, and the direction you want doesn't seem to be compatible with the direction your spouse wants.

Be careful not to turn everything into a blind confrontation of wills, because around the 27th there are chances to reach an agreement, at least a temporary one for now.

As a general note, during this period the Law tends to look at love relationships more seriously than usual, hence a predisposition of the single ones to be more restrained when it comes to getting involved in new love relationships.

Career and finances

Because they have enough free time this month on their hands, some Lions may decide it's time to try and make some money from a talent of theirs, something they are really good at but that they have not tried to this date to monetize.

It is advisable not to seek the help of the family because they will find that they have other ideas and will only reach conflicting discussions. It is a great time to plan for the next couple of months and make sure you achieve a balance between work and personal life.

As the month approaches its end you will need to sweet talk your way through to certain people and this will also mean leaving your vanity aside. In order to attract important and knowledgeable people you need to compliment them.

Health status

Health could raise some concerns for you this April but you could also use this as an opportunity to make major lifestyle changes.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurring during the first weekend of the month supports you in this regard and it would be good to start with confidence in a process of reconfiguring the rhythm of life and daily habits.

You have the opportunity to opt for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier diet. No matter how demanding the professional life is, reserve time for rest, for massage, for meditation or for any activity that relaxes you!

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