Leo August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3704 views

You have the stars on your side for any endeavors that are meant to make your life and that of those around you better. At the same time, you benefit from a lot of charm and will be able to convince even your harshest opponent, especially because you are persistent and won’t give up no matter what.

Important developments in your love life might not let you sleep at night but don’t imagine that your life will change overnight because this is not the case.

Most likely we are talking about changes you may prompt, small steps towards being more responsible. Some natives might actually make a step forward and make their relationships official.

The word of advice for Leo this August concerns health matters and the amount of rest they manage to get in between all those bouts of fun or work.

Rewards for hard work

You are also prompted this month to sweeten things out, especially if you are going to someone with any bad news. Perhaps being direct doesn’t work best when you are at fault or when you need to console someone who’s suffering.

And whilst you may have to be the one delivering the not so good news, what comes in your inbox is actually the opposite and you will benefit from early results on previous efforts.

Some natives might see these accompanied by financial results while others will simply be able to use these accomplishments to demonstrate their abilities. Don’t brag though because this won’t look very nice into the mix.

Such an episode might also prompt some exaggerated expectations from your side, perhaps regarding how you want others to treat you. But having to deal with a generally blunt person will get you with your feet on the ground again.

Helping out

Sun in conjunction with Venus delicately points out your best features and allows you to present yourself in the best light, even in front of the most pretentious person.

Around the 15th, one of your friends or an acquaintance you’ve been close to lately will come to you with a personal matter and although at first you might be baffled by the gesture, you will eventually listen to them and try to find a way to help them out.

This is more than a display of compassion and will actually prove advantageous when they will have to return the favor. But try not to be that selfish now and leave these thoughts for later on.

Around the 18th, you may notice a tendency of spending more than usual, either to indulge yourself or because you honestly believe that the things you buy are going to make you feel better about yourself or appear in a different light in front of others.

Working your way around

What you will also discover about yourself, perhaps around the 20th is that you can be very polite and well behaved when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

You will have to give things in return for what you receive but it seems that Mars is protecting your own material gain and won’t let you lose or spend too much.

Tis very same disposition prompts you to be competitive and work hard but given the slump of the summer months, you might not actually meet that challenging project you are dreaming of.

This also means that work won’t put too much pressure on you and might even offer the occasion of some extra free days.

Don’t forget about

As the month approaches an end you try to organize your head around what you have to deal with in September but to some extent you would like to try and avoid these matters as much as possible.

You are keen to approach certain areas but would like to forget about others. With a bit of creativity and some promises for later on, you may manage to involve your friends and perhaps delegate some of those dreaded chores.

Also, don’t forget that this is a great time for practical matters at home so during the last week of August you are prompted to clean up your place and make any remodeling you may have in mind for this summer.

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