Leo August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3738 views

Dear Leo, it seems that you are easily impressed this coming August and you will do what your emotions are telling you to do on numerous occasions. Don’t worry however, because you are not going to cross the line between being empathic and understanding and falling gullible.

You are actually going to use your intelligence and come with creative scenarios and interpretations a lot during this period. You will even surprise those dear to you with your ideas. This is also a great period for educational endeavors, especially if you need to test your abilities because you are quick and can maintain your focus for a long period of time.

There may be some conflict brewing that you need to be aware of, and all might have to do with some differences in mentality between you and a close one, differences that haven’t come up before.

Business as usual

The first week is going to be quite busy at work, however, you don’t seem to be very stressed, perhaps because the tasks you are dealing with are quite mundane. This is not to say that you can allow yourself to get distracted and therefore, should be there 100%.

Maybe you could take advantage of the time you have on your hands to help a colleague in need. Try however, not to be too pushy because you will be giving off the wrong vibe and people will rather stay away from you.

And speaking of people who are avoiding you, around the 7th you might get this impression quite often, either because there may be a person or two who would rather not meet you, or just because everyone is very busy and you just can’t synchronize your schedules.

Dangerous spotlight

It seems that an event going on in your family after the 10th will put you in the spotlight and it won’t be for the right reasons. This of course will hurt your ego and might dent your self-confidence.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you would prefer to keep quiet a couple of days after the situation. Don’t show any anger though because this is not the case.

It seems that the stars are testing how much you trust yourself and surely you don’t want to fail this test.

Some natives will tend to care more for the superficial side of the story and won’t really learn much of the whole situation because of this. Take some moment to reflect on what has happened but try not to isolate yourself for too long, or else you won’t know what you are missing out on.

Rushing into things

It seems that the best advice that can be offered to you for the second half of the month is to think twice and only speak once. You may find that you are going to be quite excited about some things going on and will want to react and do things on the spot.

In some cases, this will be possible and the results will amaze you. On the other hand, there is also the risk of sort of pressing the wrong buttons or the right buttons but too early. This will mean that you end up in quite a complicated situation.

Chances are that you will be spending the third weekend of the month in such a situation. This might even end up hurting your health as well, even though only temporarily.

Financial matters

The current disposition will also have a financial impact on your life, some natives even being able to afford something they long dreamt about. In most cases, there will also be a matter of budgeting better and making sure even unexpected expenses can be covered.

Those natives who tend to be slightly more worrisome will probably end up making a bigger deal out of this than it is actually necessary.

This might also be happening because of your tendency to play the victim, especially if there is a willing audience out there.

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