Leo August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-07-22, 6298 views

Rational and irrational fears are going to surface this August and despite the stars putting their best offering up front, you will hesitate to launch yourself in any new activities. Unlike your usual self, it appears that you will require a lot of reassurance this month.

The good news is that this will get you closer to people with whom you don’t get to spend that much time and will humanize you in their perception. At least to their view, it will look like you have given up your egotistical impulses and are trying to integrate socially.

Solving problems that you really need to go through may give you a headache, especially if there are some deadlines involved as well, but ultimately, there will be some precious lessons to be learned from this.

You may also feel rather nostalgic, towards the end of the month and will try to share from your life wisdom. Don’t take it personally if people are not that interested.

It appears that those with whom you surround yourself are people of action and rarely take time to look behind. There are no more excuses for you to forward and you feel like you benefit from external support.


TOP TIP of the month: Matters of right or wrong and of ethical behaviour may also come into play this August and you will sort of take the sweet position of a referee although this may also raise some internal battles in yourself, especially if you are very close with those involved.

Temper yourself

The first week appears to start in full force with Mars squaring Uranus, a disposition that will help you unleash from any limitations you may have been feeling the past July and who, under the fighting impulse of Mars, will push you to rebel against anything you don’t find to be correct.

Whilst you might not be the most ethical person in the world, there are a few principles that you will stand by. Uranus, the planet of transformation will obviously prompt you to keep an eye on what can be improved in one’s life.

It may even be that this disposition will not have such a big impact in your life but will completely change that of someone close to you, through your working. If so, you will be very pleased with this accomplishment.


Enhance! You may also find that a conservative and diplomatic approach works better than actual force. Whilst you want to communicate your message loud and clear, sometimes, the use of metaphors is better.

The Sun square Jupiter occurring on the 6th will increase your confidence in your capacities, although there may also be a tendency to overestimate what you can accomplish. Of course that time will be your biggest enemy around this date and you may always find yourself on a rush.

Moderation will be key to everything and practicing it, whether it is with work or with personal life, will give you a sense of stability and comfort, not to mention that, in time, may even help you with best assessing what is and what isn’t humanly possible.

Some natives may want to be careful with their finances, especially under the Venus trine Mars aspect debuting on the 7th. It may be that the planet of love is prompting you to indulge and spend money to impress your love interest.


Watch out! The fact that you are very charismatic these days will increase your popularity amongst your peers, but it is very important not to let this go to your head because, just as easy you can fall out of their graces.

Channelling the positive aspects

Mercury retrograde is the fear of any grounded businessman and of anyone whose life plans depend on a negotiation of some sorts or on very important communications. Until the 18th, you can expect some hick ups but the good news is that the high channels of communications will definitely clear as soon as this aspect leaves us.

This will be an unexpected moment of clarity in which you can catch up on the time you have previously lost. You need not let yourself overwhelmed by worries and by the immense to do list that you have going on.

There may be some travel anxiety associated with the many plans you need to take to completion, especially if you are being sent to engage with foreign delegates abroad.


TOP TIP of the month: Should you have any concerns, you might want to express them to whomever is involved, this will not make you look weak, not in a million years, on the contrary, may even help others realize the seriousness of the situation and perhaps you will receive extra support.

It appears that the August 26th Full Moon comes with added responsibilities for you that will measure up with the enhancement in talent in creativity that you benefit from during this period. A special Full Moon, this one is in Pisces, a Water sign of depth and emotions.

Under its influence, you are going to be a lot more open to discovering how others are feeling and to acknowledging this in your actions. For the first time in a long while, you will adapt your plans to the needs of those close.

Of course that this change will be very welcomed in your entourage but be prepared for some raised eyebrows and for some people to actually ask you what is going on or even worse, mock you for the slight change in attitude.

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