Leo August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This August will be all about becoming more popular and remaining in the center of everyone’s attention. You are kind and generous but also a little superficial so don’t be surprised if those around you will actually read right through the façade you are putting out there.

Now or never will likely be the motto of the month but you are not really going to follow it religiously because you will have several days in which you will be so lazy that you will literally not get bothered with anything.

Some sudden domestic challenges might keep your focus wide awake and might force you to look for specialists for the things you can’t really fix yourself.

Creativity is also flowing and your ideas seem to have no restraints, no matter what those around might be saying or doing. You also don’t seem to care if anyone is offended by your honesty and will continue in the same note throughout the whole month.

Towards the end of the month, a close relative will re-enter in your life and might keep you quite busy with their demands. This is going to be a mutually beneficial arrangements so you are more likely than not to indulge them.

August highlights

This month, the Lion finally unravels contradictory impulses from its subconscious world, clarifies and strengthens some aspects of its personal life but may have to change radically its professional choices, but nonetheless, enjoys notable social achievements.

You will be quite communicative at the start of the month but this is not to say that those around are going to react to what you have to say. It may be that you will need to be quite forceful around certain episodes, to make yourself heard.

Around the 17th, you need to be careful about spending too much money on things you don’t really need and perhaps focus more on paying any debts you may have or on putting some money aside in a savings account.

Some natives may even come across some opportunities to round up their revenue so they need to ensure they have the money to progress when such occasions arise.

An invitation to a special social even may also come your way, for the last week of August and you will likely be looking forward to that event.


Leo love horoscope for August 2019

This August should be full of initiatives in your love life, this if we only look at the stars. Things seem to get very busy in your fifth house and new emotions might rise to the surface.

Right at the debut of the month, under the renewing pressure of the New Moon, you will feel this incessant worry that you are not doing enough for your loved one.

This is likely to lead you to prepare some surprises of some kind and even get you to balance your work life with home life, as to spend more time with your close one.

The middle of the month will be a time to shine and attract others towards you but there might be some tensions occurring, due to some unwanted attention too. Some natives might even be faced with drama from their past, perhaps an offended lover now seeking revenge.

Beware of self-infatuation, because anyone’s luck, no matter how protected by Jupiter, can run dry.

In order not to create tensions in the couple's life, it would be good to find in you the generosity and the power of giving, of remaining open to the needs of your couple and honest about the actions of the past.

Take advantage of the fact that Mercury is finally moving direct, to communicate more efficiently and constructively to bring out your warm, romantic and protective side.

Career progress this month

The stars will benefit you from a professional point of view this month if you pay attention to what is going on around you and if you try to temper any of your egocentric impulses.

Be kind to those close to you, whether at work or in other life projects. Don’t hesitate to throw a helping hand whenever needed and be sure that this will return to you, when least expected.

Venus will offer you, around the 10th, some kind of spotlight opportunity, which you will be quick to seize. Needless to say that you are going to ace this chance and might even end up being remarked by someone rather important.

In parallel, Venus will also carry out its relational duties, helping you with collaborations, contracts and teamwork.

During the second half of the month, your perception will be sharpened and your reflexes will help you reach the best decisions. This is a good time to impose yourself at work as a good communicator, speaker or negotiator.

Financially, you are especially positive towards the end of the month but be careful not to waste your money on expenses you don’t really need.

Health and wellbeing

Excellent health prospects this August. You can expect good results if you have been recovering from past illness or if you wish to do something more for your health. So yes, it is time to hit the gym.

Because of some spiritual and religious activities going on in your life, whether triggered by you or others close to you, be sure that you will have a mentally balanced and powerful time.

Towards the end of the month, don’t take everything for granted and be careful to how much you are working because your immunity might be affected.

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