Leo August 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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August will revolve around pleasures of all sorts. There is nothing wrong with experiencing new things, but it is important that those involved in your life also agree with them. You will feel a deep desire to try unusual and even taboo practices.

Most Leos will also need to mind their responsibilities and realize that there are more important things that they need to tend to, perhaps involving someone in the family who has previously asked for their help.

In order to relive some pressure, rather, start writing a diary, where you will be able to give free rein to your thoughts, in a relaxed way.

External influences will make Leo slow down and have a lot to recover from. Forget the holidays in August, however, because you might be too busy or perhaps the context where you are is a little too complicated.

August 2020 highlights

At the start of the month you will think big and plan even bigger, all due to Mercury’s influence. You will flirt, love, have fun and you will be a great companion, but after the 9th you should be patient when it comes to new relationships.

Lions who work in the creative field will experience an amazing evolution in their career. In married life, some conflicts are possible that will require compromises that you are not too happy about.

During the second half of August, the financial plan and the flow of money can be improved through speculation and smart investments.

Advice for key dates in August:

Around the 6th: Time to focus on your plans and not let yourself distracted.

Around the 11th: Pay attention to where you invest your money and stay focused.

Around the 17th: A little understanding and empathy towards those dear will take you far.

Around the 23rd: Take time to relax and simply be by yourself.

Around the 29th: Avoid opening up, talking about your secrets or even gossiping.

Leo love horoscope for August

Confusions could obscure the serenity of your personal life; however, it is not impossible for a passionate romantic relationship to emerge on the horizon when you least expect it.

Single Leos will have to be, in these conditions, very lucid in the choices they will make; keep in mind that a relationship started during this period has a 50-50% chance of being maintained for a long period of time.

Things are pretty confusing, aren't they? As a couple, romance will also make its presence felt; it is very possible to have very pleasant surprises from your partner, which will alleviate the conflicting potential of the period.

However, keep in mind that open communication can definitely stabilize things between you and your significant other, especially during the second half of August.

Career horoscope

Leo has the chance to expand their sphere of influence socially, to highlight their individual strengths, to increase their financial profits, to clarify their professional endeavors, but is somehow directed towards a secret sentimental life, which can sometimes surprise them.

Sustained work will give the expected results this month. Your ambitions will be successful and it is very possible to reach, by the end of the month, one of the most important professional goals you have set.

Your activities in this field will be quite varied and will take up a lot of your time. It would be good to think of delegating something more, in order to free up at least a little time for other important things; but, as you are, it is unlikely to do so, hence the source of some problems that you could avoid.

The financial field will experience positive vibrations, but don't give up too much based on luck.

Your wellbeing this month

Some confusion may hover over relationships with some people in your entourage, confusion that could cause disruption if things are not clarified in time.

Also, the fact that, during this period, you will be more focused on yourself, could bring you some criticism. However, clearly, your lifestyle will know a substantial improvement, as well as your own image in front of those around you, especially professionally.

This month you will be involved in many activities, especially those pertaining to social life, which will leave you very little time for people related to your personal life; it is very possible to face some problems in this direction, especially towards the end of the month.

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