Leo December 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-11-22, 8313 views

Time to change beliefs about love: Especially in the first half of December, you will feel confuse about what you offer and what you receive – or better said what you gain – in love. Pay attention not to promise too much about the first one and not to be too idealistic about the second one as the Leo December monthly horoscope brings along tense aspects involving planets in Sagittarius in your fifth astrological house. It means you will face experiences that are supposed to teach you something new about personal growth through love.

Overwhelming emotions

First of all, it’s the square to Jupiter in Virgo that demands shaping your values for being more measured in what you invest or just promise to invest. Secondly, it’s the new Moon in your sign that gives you the chance either of a new love story or of changing your way of experiencing love. Either way you should express yourselves freely, but honestly at the same time.

The third decade of the month can be overwhelming, mainly for those of you who have taken responsibilities above their resources or above their will.

In their cases, the mentioned time might be felt like captivity in which they have to provide help, for example, for elder family members.

Hard work pays off

I guess the feeling of belonging induces a dependency and you can’t escape the responsibilities linked to family. It much depend on your approach how you will endure the circumstances. Better look to the solidity of connections that you have now the occasion to improve.

But there is good news, too, this time for the Leo natives still working at the end of the year. The more practical and structured your work is, the more profitable your outcome will be. And you may expect for some money even in the last two days of the year.

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