Leo December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3249 views

A lot of what you are about to do this December is self directed and of course, producing a lot of joy and feeding into that independence of yours. Perhaps this is only happening due to the nature of the activities you will have to deal with, mostly at work.

For other natives, this will be because their families are quite busy and they want to be the hero and save everyone. Intuition will help you out in some sensible situations and you seem to return what is given to you.

And talking about generosity, it seems that your ambition will be challenged on a personal level and you will have a lot to learn from that. Some natives will meet someone who is just on the same page as they are but it will take a while before passion kicks in.

Searching for something

The first three days are going to be quite impulsive and at times you will lose the grip with reality. Luckily your partner will be there to tone you down, at times they won’t succeed entirely but at least they are doing something and knowing you like they do, there will always be a result.

You are keen to do stuff but there isn’t much to do apparently and this will slowly accumulate and get on your nerves.

If you’d ask anyone from your family what there is to be done, there would probably be a huge list. But of course, you are trying to avoid any chores, especially if they have anything to do with the holidays.

Some natives might end up in some sensible situations, others may even class that as critical so be careful who you are spending time with and what you get yourself involved in.

Spicing things up

Love finds its way, no matter how busy you are and no matter how much you believe this to be a cliché. Even natives who are already in a relationship will see some changes for the better starting the 10th when Venus really plays with your emotions and wishes.

Be careful what you wish for because it will actually happen. To some extent of course because these matters of love always have some kind of disclaimer, of course, for your own safety, as you don’t want passion levels to raise dangerously.

Coming back to more mundane activities, work is still keeping you busy and might tone down from those naughty thoughts, at least during office hours.

Let’s not forget about the single ones, the wanderers and the free to fall to any temptation, something that they will probably do.

Working for the better good

It seems that Mars really wants to keep you active so a lot of ideas involving how to get others to work will spring into your mind.

The good natives will think of themselves involved in that while the bad natives will think of this as an occasion to prove how much of masterminds they are and how they can get others to work for them.

It’s all a matter of good angel and bad angel if you look at it closely because as things progress, you will most likely be so involved in what you are doing, that you won’t think of it in any way, you will just act in the best interest of everyone involved.

Some days it may feel as if everything is stagnating and this is when all the patience in the world is required from you.

Getting together

Contracts, alliances and other similar endeavors are benefited towards the end of the month and some families may welcome new members, whether those are born into or come on a different path.

Quite an emotional time as well, with a lot of stimuli around you and this will probably translate into you perceiving things a bit differently than you usually do.

But there is no need to imagine any real changes because there is one thing to see something in an unusual way and there is a total different thing what your brain is actually wired to react.

This feeling of togetherness that will follow you for a while will make you forget about past mistakes or quarrels, at least for now.

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