Leo December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-11-27, 3492 views

The more diverse activities you subject yourself this December, the more things you have to learn and the better chances to end the year and start 2019 in a great disposition.

At the start of the month you may feel slightly confused and it will seem like those around are not really understanding you but what it needs to happen is for you to persevere with the way you express yourself.

Jupiter is in your third house and will take the lid off any limiting thoughts you may have been subject to so far. You will dare to dream in all life territories and great results may come out of this.

Towards the end of the month you family will be in the spotlight and you will prefer to spend your time with them, even if this sometimes comes with tensions and not only agreeable time. You are more prone to taking on board responsibilities this time of the year.

December highlights

There may be some travel opportunities coming your way during the first half of the month but you are very picky an only inclined to choose something that pleases you entirely. This may mean that you are going to refuse your close ones an experience, just because you are not happy with it.

This is a time in which you are sort of inclined to break the mould and to get away from your typical thinking patterns, so no wonder people will feel like they don’t know you anymore.

Optimistic and stubborn you will not let anything stand in the way of you expressing your creativity, especially with the new Moon in Sagittarius, occurring on the 7th.

There is still the need to be valued and you will of course be seeking some reassurance, especially with the Venus sextile Saturn aspect debuting on the 15th.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 19th will bring extra good news and this good fortune may envelop many areas of your life. This is the time to forget your worries and play like a child. Be generous and sociable and forget about any doubts you might have about some people.

The full Moon in Cancer is going to be a time of pleasant surprises, just right as it takes place just before Christmas, on the 22nd. This full Moon will invite you to listen to your intuition and to not get too fixated on small details.

Love life this month

The Sun’s position for you dear Leo will put a bit of spotlight on romantic matters of the heart this time of the year, so you are likely to spend the majority of the month dreaming with your eyes open.

Your favourite past time activities will involve making all sort of scenarios and thinking about what lies ahead. As Jupiter’s lucky rays are also involved, be sure that you can find satisfaction in love, even if this might not result in that amazing relationship you are so expecting.

Mercury is giving your heart a voice and you are not afraid to use it, especially as you find the right moments, as you are very perceptive as well.

Make use of the positive lunar charge around the 7th for any new steps in a relationship, especially the life altering ones.

Career aspects in December

You are following your objectives relentlessly this month, even when everyone else is already preparing for Christmas and winding down. It is important to be more relaxed about this and take time to relax yourself.

And whilst you are benefiting from a well-deserved break, you could perhaps keep your brain awake with some self-development activities.

The word of advice is to stay away from financial speculations or gambling because you will be wasting money for no reason. On the contrary, be mindful of what you are spending and pay all debt just in time to start on a clean slate the New Year.

Health and wellbeing

Dear Leo, you don’t seem to be in a very bad place from a physical and mental point of view this month, however, if you have undergone or plan on doing some great effort, be careful to keep a healthy diet and exercise, in order to be able to sustain that effort, without any unwanted consequences.

Some natives, especially with the holidays and all that eating that they involve, may feel that they are not taking as good care of their bodies as they should and may include some relevant health wishes for the New Year.

Remain discreet about any suffering of the soul and try to meditate a bit, even if this only means for you to isolate yourself for a bit in introspection.

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