Leo December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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With Christmas around the corner, your thoughts will be someplace else completely. Leos will as themselves questions about injustice and ethics, not hesitating to intervene when something seems wrong.

December will turn them into true pacifists. Keep in mind that no matter what, you need to be nice first. Take good care of your body by exercising and eating healthier.

Your soul should be cared for with meditation. 2020 has been successful, so you should just relax. The year’s last month will have Leos enjoying the comfort of their home and relaxing.

You will reconnect with old friends. Since you happen to be a curious person that always wants to get better, just use December to gain some more knowledge and develop from a personal, sometimes physical, point of view.

December 2020 Highlights

December will be a good month as you’re going to end the year surrounded by positive influences preparing your future to be beautiful. You will enjoy the festive season and feel like you’re being surrounded by fairies if you allow others to pamper you.

You will spend time with family and forget all about your many responsibilities, something that will bring you satisfaction and compensate for any bad situation that may arise. Leos will be focused on both love and work.

During the 3rd week of the month, Mercury and Jupiter will enter their work area, having them more aware of what they need to do in order to advance their professional position. Leos are always the protagonists and can crush their rivals.

They have many virtues too, such as being passionate, warm, creative, noble and willing to give everything they have to their loved ones. The end of 2020 will be excellent for them.

The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius is going to have these Sun’s children acknowledging the progress they’ve made. Furthermore, they will be more optimistic about the future and what they’re set to accomplish.

Leo Love Horoscope for December

You will feel well and very sensual because your energy will be excellent, even if Venus in Scorpio may have you more jealous and overprotective with the ones who wait for you at home.

Starting with the 16th, you will enjoy the serene, open, optimistic and generous type of love. After all, you possess all these qualities that make you a king.

Regardless if you are in a relationship for a long time or only for a few days, you will be on the same wavelength with your partner. Until the 20th, communication will take place easily, with needs and feelings of the body being expressed starting with the 16th.

In case there’s nothing threating your marriage, things will be perfect in this sector. The second decan will have you more intuitive and sensual.

Don’t deny yourself pleasure, talk about what you’re feeling, say what you want and don’t think for a moment that being sincere and kind makes you weak. You indeed are a king, but emotions shouldn’t be ignored because they can open a whole new world in front of your eyes.

Career and Finances Horoscope

More tenacious, rational and having a vision, you will know how to evaluate your life and what to eliminate from it, all while cultivating the things that work for you.

You will be more communicative, precise and have a clear mind, especially when dealing with colleagues and business partners. People will give importance to your skills and opinions.

With Uranus in Aries, you will have many ideas, so your superiors will want you working on very interesting project. You will have an increased desire to make changes.

Leos’s creativity will grow every step of the way, so this December, they will not want to hear from others because everyone will seem for them to be envious or a rival.

They may also have some breakup discussions with their partner, but not if he or she is a Taurus, as Leos will appreciate too much the way Bulls are handling finances this month.

Associations with Geminis will have Leos achieving some of their old goals, whereas Virgos will keep them doing things on time.

At work, they won’t have any serious problem because their state of mind is incredible. Recognition for their efforts will come stating with the 3rd week of December.

Leos are going to be enthusiastic about business meetings and new positions, seeing their dreams will begin coming true. This is because the restrictive Saturn will no longer keep them on hold as it did for the last three years.

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