Leo December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Leo native, in case you are interested in reorganizing your life, then now it’s the best time for you to do just so. Starting with the 4th of December, you’re going to be evaluating what wishes you have. You will also look at the objectives and expectations you have for yourself.

You will suffer from stubbornness, so no one and nothing will be able to make you think differently. However, the more your ideas will start being clearer, the more you will be able to remain focused on the private side of your life.

It’s very likely that there will be some powerful exchanges enriching the discussions in your family, yet this won’t matter. If you want for misunderstandings to be avoided, then be transparent.

When it comes to your loves, everything is just fine, as you happen to be affectionate, to take care of the people you care about, and attentive. Christmas will be greeting you in the best mood that you can have.

December 2022 Highlights

Via the power of creativity, the planet Jupiter, which is also ruling Leo’s 5th House, and via work, the planet Saturn, which is ruling Leo’s 6th House, you will raise your entire life. December is this happy year’s happy month, a year in which you have partied a lot and had all sorts of amazing fun.

Until the 22nd, the party won’t be diminishing, and after, just in part. Like during last month’s end, this period will be one of personal and sensual pleasure, romances, and fun. Starting with the 8th, as there will be almost not a single planet in any of the Earth signs, there will be only a couple of earthly and practical concerns stopping the party.

The high spirits are normal and even higher, as if you always happen to be the entertainer, then in December you will be even more. As a matter of fact, you will be the joy and life of the party.

However, the stars are going to have your personality being redefined, not to mention that you will change your image as well. Some of the Leo natives will make some major changes or moves around their home. In the end, the result is going to bring them luck.

Most planets will in your chart’s Western sector and indicate that you rather adapt to situations and not create any of them. On the other hand, life conditions will be good, making you feel happy with what’s going on.

Planets being in your chart’s Western sector won’t be hurting your finances, as these are going to be increasingly strong. Your money this month will be happy money. In comparison with what has been in previous years, the Christmas loot will look larger than usual, in fact, exceptionally large.

Money will come from fun activities because, while being creative, you will give other joy and speculate. Most planets will continue below your chart’s horizon, whereas Venus and Mars will in Leo’s 4th House. Emotional, family, and home affairs will become more important than profession.

Children will be more important. With these planets here, the time will be excellent for redecorating, beautifying your home, or doing some construction work.

The love will become better with every day that passes. You will be playful and mischievous this time, meaning that you will take your partner’s place.

In case you happen to be single, then there are options for you, options that will be giving you chances for both playing and having fun, as well as of getting involved into something more serious. For the entire month, your health is going to be just good.

Leo Love Horoscope for December

December is going to be a good month, as love will be gaining its momentum, not to mention that you have learned from past mistakes. There won’t be any big changes occurring, only that links will be stricter. You will prefer talking, as well as being more demonstrative and romantic.

Expect Christmas to bring you some kind of miracle. This will be a month in which you are listening to what your partner has to say. You will look to give advice to this person, to help him or her. Since the 11th, the stars are giving you the chance to take project in the couple to realization, a project that you have been keeping on hold.

Something new will appear, and your relationship will change. Singles won’t be ignored. Starting with the 15th, their charisma will catch people’s eyes, attracting attention. The more you will let yourself fall under the seductive power of others because this is making your ego increase, the more you will have a problem trusting the other person.

Couples that are established will receive some delight the more they are learning what sharing each experience as equals means, respecting their other half’s individuality. Wanting to be imposing themselves is going to not matter, as this will lead to many conflicts, one after the other.

Every moment will have to be enjoyed, whereas couples can take advantage of taking long walks together. Single Leos will find during the month of December that love comes from places of increased sociability and relaxation, this especially until the 22nd. Most encounters will be temporary, whereas others will end up being courtships that last.

The Leo’s 5th House’s transits are also favoring pregnancies that are unexpected, fun activities, as well as the times spent with friends and family, remaining connected with the child inside, and reinforcing the relationships between parents and children.

However, the planet Saturn is sending to how the connections in couples, such as engagements or marriages, should be formalized, as well as signing contracts. The period is marked by being interested in growing from both a spiritual and material point of view, and next to the partner.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working in a relationship of dependency, the more they act by being intelligent and stay away from discussions, the more they will find the proposals they receive to be beneficial. The quality of the way they’re performing their duties is going to be recognized.

Starting with December 8th, the natives will receive the support of Mars, being encouraged to take on any challenge. Therefore, they will become able of fulfilling the claim that they’re earning more. Those involved in freelance work, the more they act in a responsible manner, the more they will grow in the professional and commercial directions.

Their number of clients is going to increase, bringing them more financial returns. Finances will be stable for the month of December, even though Neptune and Ceres being present in the 8th House of Leo, will favor creating all sorts of economic projects that should be put into practice in the long run. Support from 3rd parties, such as from partners, family, or the partner, is also going to be received.

At work, the month will seem to be the inspiration. The 5th House configuration will have the native being able of channelling creativity when it comes to promoting his or her talents. He or she will also be able to present plans and ideas. Moreover, the same Leos will be able to visualize some new goals for themselves.

At a later date, when Mercury, the communication planet, will be moving into the Leo’s 6th House, there will be the professional opportunities that are going to rule the day, both at work and in the self-employment sector, as well as in the business space.

It should be noted that the Sun is also promoting entertainments, promotions, as well as recognitions, but only for those working hard to achieve their goals at work.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Mars influencing the health sector might lead the natives to making increased efforts, which will cause some bone issues, and even contractures. In conclusion, it will be important to act in a wise manner.

Doing some gymnastics and practicing a sport will lead to feeling whole. Taking walks in the fresh morning air will be physically benefiting and meditative. Keep in mind that remaining connected with Nature is going to awaken all sorts of sensations that are pleasant.

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