Leo February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3116 views

Not everything that shines is gold and appearances hide a lot more underneath. This is kind of what this February will struggle to teach you, some days obtaining a positive response from you, some other days being marked by a lot of stubbornness and way too much self confidence from your side.

You won’t be able to relax either and at times things are going to be that hectic that you’ll be ready to give up a lot of things just for a moment of peace and quiet.

Demanding matters

The first week will demand a lot of you in terms of abilities and practical endeavors. Don’t be surprised if you need to tend to stuff in the house and make repairs you had no idea you could deal with.

But you know how it is, some matters of urgency or maybe lack of financial resources, will teach you a lot about your limits and what you are willing to try. You might even find help in places you surely don’t expect it.

Then it seems that the challenges move towards your mind and you will have to think trough some sort of family decision.

Be it something related to holidays, planning time or maybe an important acquisition, most of the research and decision is left on you, something that at the beginning might honor you but then, once you’re deep into the matter, will actually frustrate you.

Between extremes

Beware of where you are focusing your nerves and understand that at times, you need to take one for the team. Don’t misinterpret others as leaving all on you but instead take a look at what they’re doing.

You’ll be surprised to discover that they actually have a life of their own and responsibilities that they also need to attend to, some that might involve you as well.

Venus is helping you amass love and care and even the tensest family relations are eventually going to come to a resolution. It will help you reach such heights that you will become a lot more gullible than usual and it will be so easy for people to play you and have you go their way.

It seems that going from one extreme, complete lack of trust and then to the other extreme of complete love and understanding is actually rebooting your brain and you kind of lose common sense. 

Outline yourself

Once you surpass those days you will have to prepare the path for something at work, involving working with people you are not particularly fond of. 

You are going to prove you have vision but this will also attract criticism so you’ll probably spend your days trying to avoid entering into any conflicts but also keeping your mind clear enough to pursue your set goal.

Mars retrograde in Virgo shows you how you can put your abilities in the spotlight and what kind of rewards you can get for that.

Most likely this happens in a private setting so beside official work. Some natives might get a second job while others might finally take the leap towards freelancing.

The magnitude of the change also seems to depend on how much energy you have and how good you are feeling in your own shoes, something that this February seems to be a lot dependent on your weight, what you eat and how much you rest.

Connecting the dots

Towards the end of the month you get a rare chance for real intimacy and for spending quality time with your partner. However, don’t be too sure on your steps because at any point the hierarchy can go the opposite way.

Try to draw a line between what is possible and what is definitely not going to happen and be happy with what you get.

At times you might feel as if your emotions are actually standing in your way but don’t be fooled into going on this path because there couldn’t be anything more wrong than this.

Your intuition might be over reactive but this doesn’t mean you should shut it entirely just because you received a few different signals.

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