Leo February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 4053 views

This February is set to bring love in your life, whether you want it or not and totally unrelated to Valentine’s day. On the contrary, it seems that around that date you will be the least likely to be open to anything happening in this direction.

Those who are single are going to place themselves beyond any efforts they have done in the past and might find that someone from their circle of friends is actually more interested in them than they could have expected.

If this is not the case, surely friends are going to play an important card in the whole situation, at least from a support level.

The current disposition also looks at a lot of action so you won’t really have time to wait around. It will be now or never in a lot of cases, and as you go through some of those moments, your resistance will actually drop.

Showing emotions

During the first weekend of the month, emotions are intensified and you might find that you react in a fiery way to common situations. This will trigger some negative reactions from those around and your influence with them might diminish.

Beware of any temper tantrums at work, no matter how informal you usually are with your colleagues. There is a point up until which these things are tolerated and you won’t really know when you have crossed the line or not.

Some financial gain is announced but not to the extent of what you want so be cautious with any promises you make or any overdrafts you plan on covering with this money. Showing initiative might help you safe on some things, like commissions.

In the eye of the storm

Venus and Mars are also bringing more action in your life but might also put you in the middle of some kind of conflict, not even caused by yourself.

There may be something you need to do and it will be easier than usual. Some help from family but not in a practical manner but more like support.

And talking about people being understanding to you, it may be that you will have some discussions with your neighbors as well, being polite will help very much with the matter.

Collaborate and be willing to sacrifice some short term plans because it will all be worth it in the end. You are also counting the days before a particular event in your life.

Some risks around you

Around the 16th, some reason to celebrate will get you out of the house, for some natives, this might also mean lengthy travel. Make sure you leave everything in order in the office or else you will have to work on top of all those exciting activities that are planned.

You will be creative enough this month but not for finding solutions but rather for coming with new things or even creating new problems. There will be some days in which your mind will wander everywhere.

At times, because your mind is somewhere else, you might not be very attentive to what you are doing, therefore there is a high chance of getting yourself or someone else hurt. Be careful with any work around the house, especially at great heights.

In case you do come across of some nuisance of this kind, keep your calm and think of what you need to do first. Don’t act in panic because, in retrospect, you will regret doing so. Prudence above all should be the motto, even if this means giving up some very fun activities.

Love going strong

Don’t plan anything of great importance well in advance because you never know, especially given this disposition, if things are going to go according to plan or not. You don’t want to risk not being able to hold your promises but mostly entering with any sensible discussions with your friends.

Romance is going to be very strong for the ones already in a relationship towards the end of the month and all sorts of ideas are going to be put on the table.

This might be a moment to reveal some expectations you have and don’t be too scared to say them out loud. Even if your feelings are not completely shared, at least you get to know this from now.

Compromises may be required but it will not be wise to go ahead with them in all cases. Comparisons of all sorts might help with this and also talking to people who you think have gone through the same experience.

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