Leo February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 8745 views

With all the planetary activity going on in February, there may be a tendency to avoid detail work and tying any lose ends. You prefer to dwell in confusion, not only as a way to avoid major responsibility but also as a way to increase potential for creativity.

Around the 4th of February, Venus will be squaring Jupiter. With this disposition, it may be rather hard to find motivation and the more you need to tackle monotonous tasks, the more chances for you to act up.

You are going to try and run away from responsibilities, but at the end of the day, you will still ensure that something is done, so not to disappoint those around.

Any ideas will do

An uplifting change of spirt is likely to take place the second weekend of the month as Venus is entering the sign of Pisces, its highest exalted position. In order to tap into the energy of the moment, you will need to leave your reluctance aside and listen to your intuition.

Some of the ideas you may have going on in your head these days may not seem to be the most feasible but you won’t really be able to tell unless you try.

It seems that major inspiration will come from an endeavor of your partner. You will want to be part of that and naturally, will grow fond of a passion of theirs.

About transformation

The main questions in your head in the middle of February will be about bringing change in your life, how to get things to move faster and how to gain more popularity. This mental activity and where you channel most of your energy, are likely to be influenced by the new Moon in Aquarius.

This aspect is usually one that brings changes to what we know, whether we deliberately seek information or through situations that change our perspective, without us even realizing it properly.

The second half is a good time to take on good habits and leave aside old, destructive behaviors. The partial solar eclipse also happening on the 15th may bring travel opportunities or have you on the road in search for extraordinary new developments.

You may also find yourself having an easier time when thinking at a large scale rather than when focusing on small details. When obstructed by stubbornness and frivolity, your thinking may become narrow, but luckily, you don’t seem to persist in this for too long.

The fixer

The Mars Neptune square is going to be one of the most relevant aspects of the month, whose influence will be very hard to resist to. Whilst Mars is about action and getting things done, Neptune will dissipate energies and will see you follow numerous ideas.

This disposition makes room to dreaming and idealizing the world, although some pressure to do something, and quick, will come from Mars.

You will exhibit a lot of motivation in trying to fix a relationship that is obviously broken, whether this happens on a romantic or platonic level. There may also be a degree of competition involved, perhaps as you are trying to prove to someone, who’s been doubting you, that you can really make an impact.

Keeping close

At the end of the month, a particularly interesting transit will take place: Mercury square Mars. This means that you will feel this urge to get things to happen “here and now”.

On the downside, you are not only rushing yourself but also annoying and frustrating those you are working with. This is the way to disagreements, delays and open hostility.

You are likely to be easily irritable but there is also a switch to this and it seems that your partner will know exactly how to reveal the better of you.

Some natives will prefer to be in the company of their significant other when dealing with an important legal matter, even if that is just a personal problem.

It seems that under this position of Mercury, you can express your nervous energy in beneficial ways, perhaps in a competitive environment.

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