Leo February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You may have to fight off some conflicting emotions this February but surely you are up for the challenge.

You may not feel as if you are transmitting exactly the kind of message you want to transmit and will end up with some silly demands from yourself.

Luckily, there will be several occasions for you to escape from your own mind and you are likely to enthusiastically embrace them.

During the second half of the month you may subconsciously seek for reassurance from others and will feel a lot better if there is harmony around you.

You may even take matters into your own hands and get involved in the lives of those close, trying to fix the problems you think they have.

Keep in mind the following

Your ambition may be in a state of stagnation the first week of February but this is not really something you need to worry about.

In fact, you should enjoy the down-time and make the best out of it. Focus your attention on a hobby or embrace a new activity that puts you in a good mood. There doesn’t have to be an end game to it. Exactly the lack of purpose of the whole activity will give you a sense of relief.

Be careful around the 16th with any promises you are making, especially to family members, because you might not be able to deliver on them. And it is best not to get people all enthusiastic and then come up with excuses.

Refrain from unsolicited advice as well, especially around the 20th, because this might strain a friendship relation if you meddle where you should not.

On the other hand you can spend enjoyable time with them talking about the news or commenting about subjects that you are both interested in. Things don’t really need to get very personal.

February is not very appropriate for big life decisions or changes so avoid those, unless they are really necessary or you have been planning for them for months already.

Leo love horoscope for February

Love is in the air this February but you must ascend beyond mundanities to access it. This is a month of dreaming with the eyes open and of crushes that are rather unrealistic.

Perhaps you are jumping on the crazy bandwagon given that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or perhaps you just feel the need to escape your own life, even if only for a couple of minutes.

Venus’ agitated transit will not help ground you either so there isn’t even a point in trying. But at least you will have fun and not feel bad about yourself.

From the 14th onwards, Jupiter heats the sentimental atmosphere and exalts your creativity. This is when you are likely to up your game and really fight for your amorous ambitions.

Towards the 20th however, despite all your best efforts, some self-doubt will also creep in and might leave you on the sidelines, questioning yourself.

Leos in a couple will be more practical than romantic but this will ensure their significant other is happy, so… who knows… things might end up spicy.

Single ones will take all advantages to promote themselves, especially on social media, and have enough chances on their side to actually manage to successfully put themselves in the best light possible.

Money and career highlights

This month the busy Leo can receive proposals for business projects or investments mainly in the first fortnight. It is important to seek for the advice of specialists and not take decisions on a whim, no matter how good an offer may sound.

Take your time for research, no matter in which domain your next steps may be. By doing so you will feel more at ease when the time for a final decision comes.

Around the 15th you might need to travel and you won’t be very pleased with the disruption this causes in your life, especially if this prevents you from accomplishing some personal plans that you have going on.

It’s all about the new technologies and fresh ideas this month so try not to get stuck in a conservative rhetoric. There is no need to be fixed or to dismiss anything new just because it is not familiar.

There may be some competition going on at work during the final week of the month and this will of course excite you and keep you in a good mood. Beyond this incentive, there might be some financial rewards to reap out of this as well.

Your health this February

It appears that this is quite a stable month in terms of health and you have sort of managed to move away from the excesses of the previous month.

It seems that more and more of the Leo natives are becoming concerned with their health and more responsible in their choices. It’s not only about your figure but also the insides and the many improvements are to be seen.

You will have more energy than usual and even your mood will be better if you stick to a healthy routine. Be mindful of any surgical interventions, and try not to go under the knife for something you don’t really need, like cosmetic surgery.

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