Leo February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The focus this February is on your area of ​​marriage and partnerships. The friendly harmony between you and your partner should be present despite some disagreements about your home environment.

This could be solved through friendly and loving communication, as long as you don't let any worries bother you as things could be easily resolved. Your overall image should be viewed without frustration.

News about your work performance may reach you, but this will not be a major consequence. The opportunity for an asset source can be opened to you; advice from a more experienced person should be considered, as you are not intellectually touched by this situation.

February highlights

In February, the Leo should really learn to compromise, though he or she often finds the situation unresolvable. You may face a decline in your personal life, but in your career, you will do well. You will also be happy when you spend your free time with your family. In the company of your loved ones, you will feel different emotions.

In the couple you will have a little more agitation, although you consider yourself a very skilled in love. We could say that a certain amount of tension floats in the air, in terms of the harmony of the family life.

The solution is simple, but not necessarily easy to achieve. It would be advisable to try to keep your nervous attitudes and pronouncements, pride and even jealousy under control.

In order for you to succeed you must put yourself in the other's place, see from the opposite angle what is happening and live for a moment that your partner is living.

Remember that your connection is built on love, affection and understanding. That is how you will be able to design a much more desirable future.

Even if you are usually in the position of leader and you have all kinds of things to say or do, which puts you in the forefront, this month it is good to put a little modesty in what you do.

You will start working on something, preparing something, but you will be discreet and wait for the results to speak at the end. However, you need a better organization of your personal time.

There is a lot to do and the intensity with which you approach them should not lead you to exhaustion or nervousness. If you manage not to lose this invaluable resource, to educate your patience and efficiency you will reap the fruits of your work in the not too distant future.

Leo love horoscope for February 2020

It is not excluded that at the beginning of the month you will start a passionate story with a person you consider to be a friend, and after the 17th, you or this person could have regrets or wake up in a situation. complicated and unclear.

The first half of February will be marked by two important transits that will aim to transform your love life and how you experience it.

The first is Mars’ transit through your fifth house, of love, flirting and sentimental adventures. If there are still things to say, tell them, if you want to approach a person you like, don't delay!

Another transit that benefits you is that of the Sun, your ruling body, through the seventh house, that of partnerships and marriage until the 19th. Much can be improved in a couple's life if you know how to prove your loyalty and generously give affection and attention.

The harmonious aspect that forms between Sun and between the 21st and 23rd indicates a very good understanding with your significant other.

This month, you as a Leo will feel the acute need to be deep in the love relationships. Show your partner what you think most about him or her, show him or her that you care about their needs, marriage, couple. This month brings the possibility of reconciliation or agreements in couples where there were disagreements.

Professional life and money

February awakens a strong intransigence in you. You do not care about the consequences of your actions and you will not easily resist the need to reach your goals, even if this means causing conflicts that could destroy even your old friends.

During the second half of the month, you will have to learn to compromise, even if you see the situation as unresolvable. This will be beneficial for your career. Spend time with your family because with them you will have better thoughts and can produce great ideas after relaxation periods.

From a financial point of view, it is possible to enter into a stage of doubt regarding a partnership you have just started or the investment you have made or have committed to.

Health and wellbeing

In order to stay away from trouble this month make sure you tackle any old ailments and seek the needed specialist advice. During the second half of February it is best if you go speak to a specialist.

Carefully look for a good clinic, a good doctor, or see if you can schedule yourself early if you rely on the public health system, where waiting times for certain medical investigations are higher.

Otherwise, in order to maintain a good mental tone, find time for activities to enjoy, to relax.

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