Leo Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

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The year starts off well enough for Leos, from all points of view. Social relationships as well as business partnerships are both put on a pedestal, the chances being that they will amount to a great deal regarding your potential success.

And this is in no way easy to achieve, seeing as though one small mistake or step off the correct path can irreversibly lead to catastrophe and failure. Follow the plan and everything will eventually fall in its place.

All a Leo native has to do is keep himself in check and be responsible, in order to steadily grow from the early stages to the more advanced stages of achieving fame and fortune. And after the first half of the year passes, the rest is all in the favor of our lucky Leo.


TOP TIP of the year: Leo natives should set aside any distractions and be ready to adapt to new situations if they want to actually achieve something.

Also, patience is the most valuable player here and it’d be best if it was a dominant trait as well, because impulsivity and agitation have rarely brought something worth mentioning to the table, if only out of coincidence.

The period where you are most likely to have the best performance begins in June and ends in October, with August being the month when most goals are achieved.

You can’t only depend on your own limited powers, as recognizing that there are some things beyond your control that pave your destiny, will ultimately make you a winner.

Leo love horoscope 2019

As far as love matters go, Leo natives must strive to do more than just whisper honeyed words into the ears of their lovers.

Beside keeping their impulsivity in check, they should actually try to diversify and spice things up a bit. The usual is not enough anymore, and something should be done to reignite the flame, unless a break-up is desirable.

Communication is key and sometimes it’s the most important aspect. Make an effort to spend more time with and implicate her in your plans, and you will see that it will not only revive the relationship, but also drive it even further. You might even have to get her that ring that she saw the other day.

Single Leos will have the chance to meet their fated ones, due to the great luck that’s been following them all year long.

Even so, it’s not advisable to insist beyond the point of no return or become forceful. That will only get you a ticket on the lonesome train. I bet you don’t want that, do you? Take it slowly and with tact. That should do it.

Leo career horoscope 2019

It’s not an overestimation to say that Leo natives are marked for success this year. Thanks to all the hard work and effort they’ve put in all these years, it’s finally time to get what’s due.

Give the Caesar what belongs to the Caesar, right? Well, now it’s their time to shine and receive the praises. As a matter of fact, besides getting the royal treatment, these Leo actually behave like one as well.

The spotlight has a special appeal to them, so it’s no surprise that they are arrogant, daring and overly ambitious.


Watch out! Thinking very highly of themselves and acting as such could become a major problem on the path to success of Leos.

Most people don’t find it to be enjoyable and particularly trustworthy, so stepping down from the heavenly throne will most assuredly help in that regard.

As such, it’s not about finding another job, if the present one is not to your satisfaction, or leaving in search for something with more potential.

It’s mainly about the way you see and do things, your perspective on the natural course of your actions. Try to act with more self-respect and devotion towards what needs to be done, otherwise nothing will go as you want it to. And it may even attract the hate of your boss and colleagues.

Although there are a lot of opportunities to choose from, not all of them can be taken, and it’s not such a bad thing after all.

They will surely come again, possibly even better than before. This period is surely one of great things, so failures are quickly compensated and turned into other opportunities.

The planets smile down upon you as the period from June to October holds the most potential for achieving great accomplishments.

More dynamic and determined than ever before, most of the things are now within your reach, and all you have to do is stretch your hands and get a hold of them.

Leo finances in 2019

For those of you who, instead of striving for a more immediate result, want to invest the money into a prospect for the future, then you should keep in mind that April and May are not great times to do that, while September is basically the magic month.

If something good is bound to happen to you, then it will happen in September, for that there is no doubt.

Jupiter will make sure that you Leos are going to be practically drowned in opportunities to make money and develop your social standing.

If the money’s not coming from the work you presently do, then other, even more lucrative deals will become available, and it stands for reason that you should take them as they come.

What Jupiter gives, it can also take, so to speak. And it’s partially true, because if it gave you the opportunities to make a fortune, it also instilled in you a sense of urgency, desperation and impulsivity.

Patience is not exactly the word that best describes you in this period, and it may affect you on a psychological level, so do try to control those impulses.

Leo family & social life in 2019

Problems concerning family and friendly relationships were never something to stand in awe of. They are a pretty normal thing.

But in the Leo’s case, it goes way further than that, and serious repercussions may be in store if the worst is to come. It all boils down to that innate egocentrism and arrogance that puts a lot of people off.

That proverbial silver spoon may have gone in too deep or the planets’ favor is missing, but there is a very easy way to overcome this. Putting all attention and focusing on their goals can help avoid certain situations, as well as trying to be calm and more acceptant of others.

As long as that impulsivity and arrogance are kept in check, nothing can go wrong for you. Your friends and family are there to help and support you, and it all goes the way it should.

Leo health & wellbeing in 2019

As far as health is concerned, Leos should really pay attention to over-indulging themselves with habits that can lead to serious problems.

It may be a good thing to find the time to relax and push aside everything else, or even take up a sport. This could keep them in shape as well as tone down those emotional outbursts that happen from time to time. Spirituality and faith should also do the trick and help with the relaxation problem.

Depending on the planet that looms over your head, many illnesses could come to your doorstep unannounced.

For example, those with planets in Cancer may experience problems with their digestive tract, whilst those with planets in Virgo are liable to encounter bronchial problems.

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