Leo Horoscope 2020: Key Yearly Predictions

By Denise on 2019-07-14, 20305 views

Leos are going to have a great time in 2020. Romance will flourish, and some might even get married if the time is right. Health problems will be all but non-existent, and financial success is all but guaranteed. Promotions are in store for the luckier Leos.

This year, you’ll learn many new things that will bring a new perspective on your goals, increasing your efficiency and functionality in achieving your purposes. You tend to be hard-working, responsible, and dedicated to your plans, trying as hard as you can to make them come true.

Business partnerships are more alive than in previous years, and you’re going to benefit a lot because of them. Fortunately, the astrological subtleties have fortunate things in store for you, even if you aren’t in direct control.

Move away from egocentric and vanity-fueled escapades. Instead, focus on conquering your anxieties and fears, realizing that your potential can be implemented in the present with surprising results.

Living in 2020 as a Leo means you aren’t allowed to make any impulsive changes to your lifestyle. You have to follow the rules, stay on the trodden path, and face off against any creative frustrations.

Understand that people will be against you, many situations won’t bring fortune, and some of your principles will become obsolete. However, it’s not far when you start bringing your potential into the world, at its full force.

Then, you’ll be able to make plans, take on many opportunities, and independently find creative outlets to pour your imagination in. You will want to extricate yourself from the rest of the world, to achieve great things that others can’t replicate.

Leo love horoscope 2020

Leos will have to stabilize and nurture their relationships, now more than ever. Perhaps you’re feeling it’s a right time to settle down and make the last move. Marriage it is then! Talk to your partner and make plans and strategies for the upcoming years.

Children might be in store as well. In any case, you will be fortunate from a romantic point of view.

Single Leos will likely stumble upon their ideal partner when walking down the street, not even realizing how lucky they are. It all revolves around their awareness.

There might be some changes and shifts of power in your relationship. Things can happen that you won't be able to predict. As such, you should prepare in advance, and take control of the situation as fast as possible.

The after-effects will be beneficial in the end though. It all results in a deeper understanding between partners, profound emotions of love and affection, and more support. This relationship will evolve more and more, especially if you take it slow and nurture it carefully.

Not everything will be this easy though. Leos are attention-seekers, typical spotlight-enthusiasts that want to bask in the glory of their own achievements, and the endless admiration of their peers. 2020 doesn’t bring much of this. Punctuality isn’t their strongest suit either, and it might hurt their reputation.

The summer seasons ends with a bang for you – relationships will get right back on track, and you’ll have developed your lifestyle more. Your partner will demand more responsibility and maturity from you, as things get more serious now.

However, by learnings to control all of these changes, rising to the challenges, it will bring your confidence up.

Leo finances in 2020

Everyone wants to save money and invest it for future stability, Leos included. However, the year 2020 has something else in mind. This time, Leos are extremely likely to blow all of their savings in one go.

As such, you’re advised to keep a tight watch on your spending. Avoid impulsive shopping or buying things you don’t realistically need. At least for the first half of the year, you have to be careful with this.

From then on, you’ll start having a steady money flow coming out of nowhere. Perhaps a rich uncle decided to make you his inheritor. You never know. By the end of 2020, you’ll have a chance to change some things, and stabilize your financial condition more.

Leo career horoscope 2020

You’ll have that much more energy to focus on your professional goals, on how efficient and performant you are. Granted, personal issues will keep you from attributing 100% of your time to your job but a state of equilibrium is desirable as well.

You'll have plenty of energy and motivation to start putting in some hard work and be more dynamic than ever before.

Never back off from challenges or difficult undertakings. Instead, try to level up and gain more knowledge by conquering ground. Do everything perfectly, and ask others for help if you need anything. In the end, you’ll be very satisfied with how performant you are. Don’t break the rules though.

2020 is filled with professional challenges and risks you have to take at all times. It’s nowhere near as dangerous as other times but you’ll be challenged to overcome your limitations. A promotion might be coming your way as well.

Preparation for 2020 should begin right about now because it’s a year that will test your every ability. It will take you to the edge but the crucible will also present itself as an opportunity to evolve beyond the realms of possibility and transform yourself.

Make great strides now to build a stable foundation for 2021 even. In this sense, 2020 is great for Leos who want to advance, both professionally and personally.

Health & Wellbeing in 2020

Overcoming limitations and achieving higher levels of efficiency, this is what 2020 is all about. In this sense, you shouldn’t have to work so much that you forget about yourself. This will stress you out indefinitely.

It’s not a good thing to overexert yourself physically and mentally. Indulgence will be the death of you if you don’t control it. Halfway through the year, you’ll have defeated all the challenges and taken control over your wellbeing.

You might want to start doing fitness or some type of sports. It’s going to add value to your life, and it will help maintain your lifestyle healthy.

For Leo to remember in 2020

Stay calm and patient, even if you notice that people don't fully support you. Even if some things don't end up as successful as you'd have wanted, try to remain present at the moment.

Don’t fight these failures. Instead, accept them and move on. Discipline yourself and look for new opportunities to regain your footing in life.

The planets hold interesting tidings for Leos this year. They will have to go through many issues and disturbances, especially halfway through 2020 when family issues will start arising.

You can save your marriage or family life only by following certain principles – be calm and patient, understanding, and aware of what the problem actually is. Communication is key if you want to safely make your way out of these predicaments. Try to talk to your family members and solve the problems together.

Leos might find themselves traveling on professional undertakings which will result in monetary gains for them. Saturn and Jupiter keep you aware of your religious and spiritual propensities as well.

In the end, you Leos will have all that it takes to stay ambitious, determined, and persistent enough to follow your goals throughout the year. Stay on the floating line and never stray away from the middle ground. Be calm, patient, and disciplined.

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