Leo Horoscope 2021: Key Yearly Predictions

By Denise on 2020-03-24, 28258 views

2021 will be an excellent career year for Leos. They will get promoted and close business agreements. Their superiors will be more than willing to give them what they want, especially if they act tactful and flatter them.

The professional changes coming their way will be major. If they will make efforts and not hesitate to work hard, Leos will greatly develop from both a personal and professional point of view.

Their organizational and leadership skills will be put to use the most. It would be a good idea for them to get involved with all sort of cultural and educational projects.

The opportunities they’ll take on will have a lot of substance and they’ll feel a need to no longer follow established patterns because they will want to be more individualistic.

Luckily, their rebellion won’t result in chaos but instead lead them places. Jupiter’s transit in their solar 6th House in 2021 will have them experiencing all sort of positive changes at work.

They will be rewarded for their efforts in ways they haven’t even imagined, especially if they’re focused on doing their job perfectly. This cycle is also great for them if they want to be part of a team consisting of professionals.

Combining their own abilities with others’, they can achieve the best results in terms of career. In case they happen to be supervisors, their subordinates will be enthusiastic about working under them.

Even if they will be the ones supervised, they will still get enough satisfaction from their job because they will simply shine. At its core, this cycle is perfect for self-improvement and very positive as far as health goes too.

However, Leos will still have a tendency to gain some weight because, mostly because they won’t have enough time to exercise. They will have all the energy they need in order to do their job properly and even more, but not enough time for any fitness program.

Over the next 2 years, Saturn is going to transit through their solar 9th House, putting an emphasis on the way they focus to get a direction in life. As far as career goes, this will represent the culmination of all their efforts from past years. Their reputation will bring them only advantages, yet they may need to become more aware of their skill if they want to succeed.

It would be great if they would travel more or participate in all sort of training or educational programs. This cycle is also good for analyzing their own philosophies and ethics on how they want to achieve success.

In case they have a closed mind and are prejudicial, they won’t receive any kind of support from others. For this reason, they should have a closer look at their own beliefs and put their faith to test, as this would help them strengthen their convictions.

In case they need to let go of some attitudes they have abused in the past, they should go ahead and do it because this would greatly help them develop more. All the eclipses happening in 2021 will have an influence over their intellectual side.

They may want to get educated further in their career, or perhaps they may become teachers themselves. As a matter of fact, teaching will surely help them master their own skills for good.

Intellectual achievements will be of focus, so it’s very likely they will complete a degree. In case they decide to write and to publish their work, their career will meet a great boost.

What to keep in mind

From a personal point of view, they would benefit from keeping a diary and recording their thoughts and their dreams too. When coupled with the influence of Saturn, eclipses may bring about crisis situations as far as legal disputes are going.

The contract agreements they’re negotiating may need to be given a second thought, commitments analysed before being made. If they want to get rich, 2021 could be their year because Jupiter will be in Pisces, their solar 8th House. However, they should be careful because Jupiter here also increases debt, not only raises incomes.

They should just live on what they have, avoiding borrowing money and focusing on investments. This way, they’ll make sure to close the year without any debt. It may be tempting for them to buy expensive presents for their loved ones as usual, but they should avoid doing it. Jupiter’s generosity can’t last forever.

From June 5th until September 7th, Jupiter is visiting Aries and gives them a preview of 2021. Located in their solar 9th House, they may want to travel more. Since Aries is also their sector of knowledge, they will have the desire to learn more about what interests them the most.

They should just go ahead and enrol in school if this is how they want to spend their summer. The 9th House and Jupiter are also representatives of spirituality, so they may be focused in this direction more too.

Therefore, they will ask themselves existential questions for as long as Jupiter will transit Aries, not to mention they’ll have a more open mind. Saturn will start and end 2021 in Libra, returning from April 7th until July 20th in Virgo, just to take care of unfinished business.

During its entrance in Virgo, Leos’ 2nd solar House, the natives will pay more attention to finances. Saturn will continue to give them the opportunity to learn more about saving and spending wisely.

It can teach them how to be better at handling money. It doesn’t matter if their financial thinking is already in place and efficient, they should have a second look at it because Jupiter in their solar 8th House will be of great help too.

Leo love horoscope 2021

When Saturn is moving in the house of marriage and love, it doesn’t bring the most pleasant aspects. Leos have had this happening for 2 years and 2021 won’t spare them either.

However, they shouldn’t stress, as Saturn will stop its activity in 2021 too, so things will get better for them. Their marriage or current relationships will be seriously tested.

They will not know if they’re truly in love or just having a good time with their partner. However, when things in their life will turn bad, they’ll become surer of love because they’ll have someone by their side.

In other words, difficult times will assure them of their other half’s feelings. They should be guided by these moments because Saturn will also reveal their real emotions.

The strong and profound relationships will survive this cycle and become better in 2021, whereas the ones that are false won’t survive. This should make them feel good because they’re not the type to want something superficial.

On the other hand, Leos should be forgiving and not let disappointments influence their judgment. Forgiveness should be also applied with themselves. It’s important to remain focused on love, even if it sometimes hurts them.

In case they have some serious anger feelings, they should talk to someone or write down their negative emotions on a piece of paper that they should just throw away. Love should be what they’re looking for the entire year.

Some Leos may feel as if their marriage is more like a duty because the romance will no longer be there. However, in case they think their relationship needs and has to be saved, they should do their best to keep it.

Romance can be brought back with a little bit of effort. Those of the natives who are single will feel an unexplained attraction to people older than them. They will want to be with someone experienced and accomplished, and they will find this person.

However, they should pay attention to not end up being dominated. While Leos carry a lot of love in their hearts, they don’t have too many perfect matches in the zodiac, especially in 2021, when others will perceive them as unloving and cold. This means they need to express their feelings in a warmer manner.

Leo career horoscope 2021

As said before, 2021 is very promising for Leos as far as career goes. They will make great progress in this field, all while defeating their competitors without even making an effort.

Their professional life will meet only success because their hard work is going to be rewarded. Their business partnerships will bring them many advantages, also transfers at work, especially after the month of September.

Their finances should also improve, so they will have enough money the entire year, mostly because their professional life will be evolving.

After April 6th, there are good chances for them to meet professional success if their friends or business partners are helping them, just because Jupiter will be in transit through their 7th House, that of partnerships and collaborations.

Leo health in 2021

In the beginning of 2021, Leos will enjoy great health, so they shouldn’t worry too much if some minor problems such as headaches or fatigue appear.

Their mindset will be positive and they will have enough self-confidence to make everything in their life work perfectly.

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