Leo January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2275 views

Don’t worry about finding your words this first half of the month because your partner will be able to read you easily and most discussions will be solved just trough exchanging some looks.

Reciprocity runs well in the family but this doesn’t mean your relationship is not subject to exterior factors.

And this is what you need to be most careful to, because it is not something you’ve said or did but it might be something someone else has said about you.

Some issues might appear during the first weekend of January and you’ll probably have some explanation to do and some guarding your partner from gossip.

Things are tumbling down

What I would stay away from if I were you is criticism and trying to dig out feuds from the past to excuse present behavior or threats such as you did this to me that time, I need to do this to you now so we can be even. Don’t bring up things that hurt you if you haven’t been speaking about them at the right time.

Once you get on this road of hard feelings, especially with friends, it will be very difficult to go back and you’ll probably see quite a lot of things tumbling down on you.

And it seems that the more you are trying to salvage, the harder it seems and more in vain you’ll feel it.

Venus and Neptune are trying to concentrate some sort of reward area around you but it also depends on how open and intuitive you are.

And of course, if there is good karma around you and reasons to celebrate. More like, this luck will be defined by meeting someone who’ll have a particular influence on you later on than necessarily material things.

Where do you take your feelings

Don’t take matters of the house outside of it, especially with family members who are older than you. What the young see is very different from the old and no matter how much wisdom they impart, they will also bring trouble with their words.

At the same time, once you’re off to work, these need to be forgotten during the day or else they will interfere.

Natives with children will at first find it difficult to react in certain situations, especially if they have to take decisions involving the education of the small ones but they will resort to research and things will clarify by themselves.

A gentle reminder, in case you deal with people of authority and especially people you look up to and admire not only professional, try not to showcase your abilities through too many words but try to put your work to the front and let that do the talking. Sales people are going to be a lot more ingenious if they want to sell this time of the year.

How to organize

Mercury conjunct Pluto will probably help you out with that and make you more organized than ever, at the same time you’ll actually keep to your schedule so good that you might be able to give others advice about this. Surprised? Don’t these two do the opposite?

Yes, they often play with our minds and communications but you have potential to beat them to their game. This however will only happen after a day or so when you’ll feel as if nothing is going right and you’ll understand the necessity of order to get anything done.

This matter of promises is quite interesting because on one hand, you can count on certain people and even be pleasantly surprised by others with something that was said and done but on the other, unpleasant surprises might show up from where you least expect and exactly at a point when you actually needed that help.

If you want to be on the safe side with this, I would say limit your plans, work with others but don’t count too much on them and if you really have to, devise a plan B to be ready at hand.

Deciding what to reveal

Towards the end of the month it seems that challenges heat up at work and you’ll have to work in teams more than you did so far and of course more than you prefer.

But remember that valuable things don’t come easily and the more struggle the better the result. Plus, amongst several people you seem to have better chances to get yourself remarked.

This might also reveal how things you’ve so far considered important are not that much anymore and that your priorities have slightly changed.

You’ll have time next month to align them so don’t rush into any quick decisions just for the sake of change.

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