Leo January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 3798 views

You shouldn’t let the rocky first days of January dictate what you are doing for the rest of the days or the entire year for that matter. It seems that you show a lot of strength and will power but at the same time, let yourself distracted easily from the purposes you set.

It may be that your partner is somewhat interfering with your plans or you just suspected them of doing this. Feeling that you have lost their support will leave you for a couple of days with a well-deserved moral compass.

The good signals start coming back from the 4th on and it will be like you have just woken from a terrible hangover. Regaining interest for work will be amongst the first things you will experience. Fighting stubbornly for a particular course of action will surely not leave you with many friends in the office but you enjoy this position.

Best foot forward

Around the 10th, things are even more agitated and it seems that some sort of opportunity to prove yourself in front of someone from the company, perhaps a CEO who is just visiting, has just come up.

Obviously you will put your best self forward but you might end up realizing that this is just an illusion and it doesn’t contribute that much to what is about to happen.

Some games are already done and you might be more or less lucky, depending on your end goal. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some close colleague is also involved in this.

At this point, matters of patience are brought into the game because some things cannot happen instantly and the quicker you understand this, the better.

Look twice

Some meeting plans on the 16th might turn sour but this doesn’t mean you should let that connection slip. It may look as lack of professionalism, but chances are something else is involved. Look into the matter as soon as you can.

The lucky parts of this agitated January consist in opportunities to realize that not everything is what it seems. You don’t even need to play the detective because with a little bit of observation, a lot of things will be revealed.

Your selfishness might keep you away from behaving in a nice way to someone close, perhaps a friend you haven’t seen in a while and who is back in your life. Not making room for them will be a bigger offense than you can imagine.

Relationship developments

If you’re expecting too much harmony in your love life, then you should avoid disappointment. Things are not really what you want them to be but more what you work for. So make room for time with your partner, preferably out of the house.

This is a great moment to explore your emotions and desires but you also need to pay attention to what your significant other is saying.

Essential movements are going to happen in the lives of some natives but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they move from one relationship to another.

Breaks will be common thing, maybe because of the holidays spent together and the ensuing tension. Some confusion might cloud your judgement around the 20th and Venus’s position is not helping much.

New habits

The last week of January is not going to catch you too happy with yourself and the lack of social activities will add to the mix. It seems like no one is going out and you need some kind of lifestyle change to feed your desires.

You may meet new people but you are not necessarily acting your best around them, not only you do not create the best impression but you, yourself, are not happy with this either.

Some may start diets or cleanses while others, feeling comfortable enough in their skins will try to establish new habits in their lives.

You are not doing this with a constructive purpose but more to banish the boredom in your life. This should serve you as enough of warning that these are not going to stick.

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