Leo January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3041 views

A month of creativity and of high energy levels ahead but you need to be wary that this may also mean that a lot of your mental energy will be spent trying to impress others.

You are very much focused on creating a good impression and will end up doing things just to get reactions out of it.

Partnerships of all sorts are going places this month, especially because people are coming close to you because of your great ideas. You will also impose respect and when you say something, this will weigh a lot more than you can imagine.

Working ideals

When you return to work in January you will find that you are less stressed and seem to have a better dynamic with your superiors. You will receive the respect you deserve and will be able to approach even subjects you would otherwise have considered as controversial.

This is also a great period for high ideals and for chasing accomplishments that may change how things are in the office. Not everyone will understand where you are going so do expect some people to hold you back.

You may also come across a tendency to spend more, without thinking twice. You might want to stay away from reservations and from consuming things you have yet to pay for.

Forgetting about others

It seems that around the 12th, you will be very active professionally and although the weekend will be approaching, you will be able to accomplish more than others. In some cases, this may happen during travel, something that you will very much enjoy on this occasion.

There may be some free confrontation, perhaps with someone close in the family. Perhaps the good times you have experienced have gone through to your head and now you are behaving in an unreasonable manner with those around.

Some natives may come across as blunt and uncaring and very disinterested in what their friends are going through. It is best for you to accept what is being brought against you and make amends.

What you need to plan for

During the second half of January you will make new preparations for a party or some sort of official event. You are going to be very balanced in terms of how much effort you put into this and how much you stress out.

You are not expecting everything to be perfect and this gives you some form of mental comfort. Some natives will need to sign documents or make some sort of oath so they will be very much focused on this.

The stars are favoring new lovers so this is a great time to discover or rediscover your partner. Start with small and happy moments rather than plan an entire day of surprises. The less tacky and the more romantic, the better the result.

Luck will be on your side on the 25th at work, if you are courageous enough to try something new. Because you will be the first to try, there are less expectations and even if you fail, you will still be respected for trying.

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