Leo January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In January, you will love communicating with others and you will feel a strong desire to support your point of view. This can be considered an advantage for Leos because they are now able, especially in the career area, to get what they want.

However, there might be a problem when meeting with an equally authoritative person. An otherwise innocent conversation could easily turn into an ugly conversation.

Heaven transmits to you a beautiful energy that you can use to your liking: love, work, friendly life, the works are as numerous and immense as your beautiful aspirations.

A special aspect of the month for you is the entrance of Venus in Sagittarius, on the 7th of January, a moment that marks an opening of yours to novelty. You will wish to feel good with your loved one, discover new things with them and in general, discuss ideas and share thoughts.

Be careful, however, not to just focus all your attention on one person because you might end up losing sight of people who could widen your horizon.

Important to note

Leo will be required to put all the effort in this January to be able to cover all that is pending and that undoubtedly has been proposed to achieve throughout 2019 with this month being the decisive time to carry out each of his plans.

Your sentimental life remains a little tense until the 7th of the month, so do expect some suspicious, jealous and complicated attitudes to generate certain tensions of love, a war of power, or tenacious grudges.

Do not fall into this little game to waste time and energy, the sky has many other ways to occupy you! As a matter of fact, you are perfectly capable of infusing absolutely great ideas that will be able to materialize.

During the second half of the month this beautiful inventiveness will be amplified and will allow you to nurture useful and pleasant relationships, and perhaps offer new occasions to stand out.

Strength and perseverance will not leave you in the month of January, but you should not get carried away by laziness because there is quite a risk.

Leo love horoscope for January

The 1st week of the year is a little tense, but the entrance of Venus in Sagittarius is going to give a beautiful impulse to your affectionate feelings; then the stars will provide an idealistic and spontaneous note to your love relationships. Your sentimental friendships may also increase during this period.

The amorous encounters will be as intense as it will be in the other areas of Leo's life. So the month of January will leave you exhausted.

If jealousy appears, which is the most probable thing, Leo should think coldly about what is happening in order to avoid that silly discussion that is not going to take them anywhere.

During the second half of the month there might be a good opportunity to find that special person who clicks with the same ideas and same tastes, something that Leo values ​​very much.

Not only are sporadic relationships expected in the month of January but there is a possible infatuation in the air too.

If you are in a couple, until the 7th, jealousy and power conflicts are likely, but by the end of the month, the doors open successively to greater independence and therefore greater common projects: you give your partner a superior dimension, with ideas of collaboration that much exceed the same affective life.

If you are single, from the 7th onwards, the love pleasures arrive at your door and could lead you to a lasting history if you put good intentions in the mix.

The activity in the sky elevates your qualities and eliminates a little your faults, it is the dream opportunity to show yourself all the time as if you are on your best day.

Money and career at the start of the year

The month of January, in spite of being a month in which it is necessary to recover after the holidays and just get back in the mood for work, will not pose any accommodation problems for you.

New opportunities will be presented regarding money so Leo could increase their fortune. Personal growth is closer than ever so you should continue working as before, not allowing yourself to get distracted or feel inadequate.

You can start on a new project in the month of January that will take you a long time, but that will make you very happy and will teach you a thing or two about patience.

All the energy that you put in the first month of the year will be distributed in equal parts during the remaining months so that at the end of the year the balance is as positive with your corresponding job recognition either economically or personally. Consider yourself warned about this!

The leadership will be more than present in January because the organizational attitude of Leo will not let you look further. The fact that you will appear orderly and always having everything ready will make others respect you even more, so you will consolidate your position in the workplace.

Your health this January

Health after spending the month of Christmas excesses and copious meals will bill Leo considerably, so you must apply an action plan as soon as possible.

Whether a cleansing diet to feel good about yourself or a balanced diet where junk food and especially industrial bakery disappear. To advance in this new lifestyle that would be great, you should also start exercising. You know you can do it!

Some natives may feel anxious and nervous due to the stress of starting a new year full of work projects and a somewhat higher level of work. If they know how to channel stress into some productive feelings, this matter will take a back seat.

The month of January for Leo is a month of changes and of changing the mentality towards a much calmer place where stability will rule in all the areas of life since it is something that most natives have been looking for a long time.

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