Leo January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Passion characterizes you this month and you manage to do everything guided by it.

Thus, the determination and passion with which you handle any responsibility you have in the workplace guides you towards a salary increase, and this gives you a much more optimistic outlook on the future. In addition, you enjoy a much stronger connection when it comes to your romantic life as well.

When it comes to communication, in January, you will feel a strong desire to support your point of view. This can be considered an advantage for all Leos, because now they are able, especially in the career area, to get what they want.

However, there may be a problem when meeting an equally authoritative person. Such an innocent conversation could easily turn into a nasty discussion.

January highlights

A full program at the workplace is announced right at your return from the holidays. After the 5th, the atmosphere in your life is energized sentimentally, but the risk of conflicts increases.

From the 12th onwards, try to work harder to strengthen your relationship with your life and / or business partner. There are many conflicting expectations looming over your head and you will need to be wise about which you want to follow through with and which to ignore.

The second half of January will show you that you can communicate more effectively with those close, even with people from the family with whom you may have had some tenser moments.

Beware of overthinking, especially after the 20th, because your negative thoughts will be your greatest enemy. Also, take the time to understand whatever it is that you get involved in and beware of signing documents without reading the fine print first.

At the end of January, some financial misunderstandings may occur between you and your loved one or someone from the extended family.

Leo love horoscope for January 2020

It's January, the holidays have passed but the world still draws from those holidays, meetings with loved ones, gifts, colorful lights and the smell of cinnamon. Let's have a cup with colleagues and loved ones.

The whole month is in a state of tension in your love life, it’s like the stars push you to be more organized and rather serious and not romantic and playful, so you could end up missing out on several opportunities.

You will also complain more than usual and this could end up on the nerves of your loved one.

The Leo native usually wants, and can, lead. This time it is positioned in the second plane, that of assistant, secretary, deputy, help, man at all, helpful. There is nothing degrading in this but you might see it otherwise.

But given that the planets are cramming into the 6th house, routine work, meticulous analysis, are in Capricorn, it is very likely that Leo will prepare in detail a new strategy for when he or she will return to the stage full of the light.

Professional life this month

Routine will be a thing of the past for you and your work will seem more exciting than ever. But don’t be fooled because this can’t last for too long if you end up getting bored easily.

You will also obsess over perfectionism this month so will end up annoying some of those around with your demands.

Be careful, around the 15th, about any debts you might have to pay and make sure you have everything up to date before you start spending your money in other places.

Those of the natives who have subordinates or employees, observe them and make observations all the time. They are concerned about small behaviours of employees and they do not see the problem as a whole.

However, they fail to delegate responsibilities, they have the impression that only they can solve certain problems although they could be so much freer without them.

The North Node in the XII House, however, can solve overload problems. The compass needle points to a kind of withdrawal, away from current problems and into new territories of ideas and creativity.

Health and wellbeing

Think that suffering can block you, and then work has more to do with it than anything else so pay attention not to let stress overwhelm you more than it should.

It is possible that the first alarm signal will be fired to the natives at the Full Moon, occurring in Cancer, on the 10th. This combines with the Sun in Capricorn may put some strain on your overall health and you might end up feeling weaker and more tired than usual. Try music, color therapy, relaxing massage with scented oils, etc.

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