Leo January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Leos are the Zodiac’s strongest leaders and this year they will see this ability of theirs growing even more. As far as the month of January goes, natives of this sign are going to have all sort of interesting opportunities coming their way at work, opportunities they will immediately take on.

They love a challenge and always make tremendous efforts to overcome themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your own business or are an employee, you will have great things coming your way when it comes to your profession.

However, being under a lot of pressure at work, you mustn’t forget about your loved ones because they need your attention too. As far as communication goes, January will have you more eager to stand by your own opinions

Such an attitude can bring advantages to Leos, as they will now be able to get what they want, especially in their career.

On the other hand, problems may appear when they will need to deal with authority. The most innocent conversations can turn to be very ugly.

January 2021 Highlights

The planet Venus will give Leos opportunities to go out and attend parties where they can express their charming nature. Seductive and brilliant, they will love January because Jupiter will transit Sagittarius, bringing them enjoyment and new friends.

Those of them who are single will come across many interesting people, whereas the Leos who already are in a stable relationship will get to consolidate their bond with the partner.

If possible, take some time off and go on vacation. Leos will be invited to social events where everybody is going to admire them because they’re charming.

Everywhere they will go, all eyes will be on them. On an intimate and more personal level, there is a rather not very positive attitude that may hinder their development.

The Leos who are waiting to inherit something will need to be patient, as the planetary transits are not playing in their favor as far as this aspect of life goes.

Leo Love Horoscope for January

From January 8th, Leos will have an increased magnetism and be involved in all sort of love affairs that spark their interest. This is because will transit their 5th House of love and enjoyment.

Single ones can find their soulmate in January, whereas those Leos who already have someone will get to have the most beautiful moments next to that person.

Their charm will shine everywhere they may be going, they will be attractive and fun, regardless if they’re at a big party or in more intimate surroundings. January has energies that invite you to express yourself.

You’ll be on the right track if you decide to cooperate with others and to share your thoughts. Until the 9th, Venus in Sagittarius will have you playing games of passion.

From the beginning of the month and until the 6th, you will be very sexy, but after some stress may arise. Keep being generous and encourage discussions from the 10th until the 31st.

Your everyday life is going to stand out until the 19th, and your relationships will be harmonious. Until the 9th and the 6th, Venus and respectively Mars, will have you being happy, ready to conquer any heart and active.

Take advantage of this and strengthen your connections with others. Until the 20th many love opportunities may arise at work or in the everyday life setting. Everything improves in your marriage with Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius.

Keep your heart, eyes, and ears open when something is being communicated to you.

Career and Finances Horoscope

In these sectors, things won’t be as easy as they will be in the love area. Leos must always struggle to obtain positive results that sometimes may not come to them.

Their financial situation will be now up and immediately after down, not to mention they will feel very bored doing what they’re doing for a living.

The problems overwhelming them in this sector will also bring some psychological issues like depression and exhaustion, yet Leos’ enthusiasm will never completely wear off.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Problems at work will surely have Leos suffering from some sort of nervous breakdowns. They will be confused and very nervous, which will lead them to thinking life is overwhelming.

Other victims of their nervousness will be the people in their family, who will need to have patience to see their dear Leo back on track.

Extremely tired, some Leos will fall asleep on the job and even at the doctor’s office when trying to find out what’s going on with them.

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