Leo January 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Hey Leo, this January you should go ahead and discover where your center is. Project it in a joyful manner and maintain your positive energy. In the next months, you will get your reward for starting the year this way.

Also, as soon as love comes your way, you’re going to feel illuminated completely. When spring will come, you’re going to remain anchored in the reality that truly matters. You will connect again and again with your past and what marked your existence.

This month you must be very attentive, as that person you’re thinking of might want to take advantage of you and is rather selfish. Also, if you have a partner, expect to react towards him or her somehow. You will gossip towards the month’s end, but only for a couple of days or something, as your goal will be to just ignore what’s going on or else you’ll be at war.

You will be in a different context, not to mention that you will be changed. Every person coming into your life will bring with him or her new dreams and perspectives. You enjoy the novelty and the excitement, as these won’t last for a lifetime, but only for as long as you will feel like.

When Saturn will reach its yearly cycle’s culmination point, the activity in your solar 12th House will reveal confinement, cosmic unity and hidden influences. There are big chances that you have been feeling stuck and held back in some ways, perhaps because you have been chronically ill or tired.

This feeling’s peak will be around the 13th. Seeing you’ve been involved in such processes of physical and psychological torment for two years by now, now is your chance to break free.

The new cycle of Chiron starting on January 16th in your 6th Solar House of Health will bring you another year of working out on how you can bring your physicality at a perfect level of vitality and balance.

Chiron is helping you by suggesting holistic treatment, as much of the way it operates is within the energy physical plane, so you are likely to gain its great benefits if you’re accepting the support of a practitioner that sees the wholeness of the body.

Romance and children are your focus for the entire month, more on January 28th, when Mars is contact with Pluto, in the solar 5th House. This is a challenging aspect that brings conflict in volatile ways, so keep calm and ask for help whenever you require it.

It doesn’t matter what happens around his date, you will be told what you together with the people in your life have to go through in the following two years. While Mars will travel through your 5th Solar House, it will amp your creativity up.

This might cause you to feel more dramatic and poetic, but it’s possible that you will also pour some of your energy into productive and meaningful creative pursuits. Use the creativity in your mind for your career. You will be the most productive around the 28th.

January 2022 Highlights

In January, Leos are going to feel like they are reborn in each and every single way. The most ideal way to escape the stereotype of last year is to travel abroad. Jupiter is going to guide you. It will be absolutely no issue that you won’t be able to fix.

At home or on the road, you must avoid being explosive and dominant. Some people might get discouraged if you’re constantly arguing with them. Towards the month’s end, avoid any kind of surgery, seeing the Full Moon will have an effect on you.

Take good care of your cardiovascular system, so try to stay away from smoking or consuming foods rich in cholesterol. Leo has the nature of the Zodiac’s strongest leader. In 2022, he will have it even more.

For those who are in Leo, January is going to be a month of very interesting opportunities in the field of career. They will accept them without even blinking. Leos love any challenge and usually make tremendous efforts when it comes to overcoming their own level.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on your own or are being employed, you will enjoy a prosperous life throughout this month. However, since the pressure at work will be intense, make sure you’re not forgetting your closest friends. You need you to pay attention to them as well.

Leo Love Horoscope for January

Sentimentally, this month you will be annoyed and not in a good way, but nothing will stop you. You will do what others have done.

You are looking to make from this period one that counts for a lifetime, so look at the future with a greater clear mind and pay liabilities off.

You have the chance to build on a sincere love. The link you’re creating will become permanent. The tensions are gradually easing. Your gift is reinventing yourself each and every single day.

Your other half will be pleased to see this and agree with you without you even having to be convincing. New and exhilarating perspectives will be offered to moving, family, new projects. These things will occupy your mind the entire month, as well as clear changes and priorities.

Gradually and surely, expect to advance while not derogating much. A meeting that will shake you is not going to be enough for changing your mind. It doesn’t matter if good or bad, not thar you’re scared by love in any way, be observant and wait for what will happen later on.

Career and Finances Horoscope

For January, there will be some favorable circumstances that will catch you doing well with your problems for the coming month. The gains you expect might be accruing, and without particular efforts. Only with the normal amount of work.

There won’t be any tension at work, so you will find pleasure in performing your duties. A female associate or colleague of yours will render you a favor that will be very helpful. There will also be the chance to travel too, and the travel will benefit you.

All in all, the month will be successful. Even though the situation will be secure, it’s very likely that your ambitions are not going to be met completely. But you remain on course, so manage this with an annoying routine.

In the month of January, there might be an opportunity arising for you. Don’t use only your instinct because it might mislead you. Before you seize any opportunity, take your time to see if it’s hazardous or not.

From a financial point of view, expenses are out this month. While it may seem like you’re not in control, do the math and make a budget. Make sure to stick to it. Nothing will be necessarily favorable when it comes to the money you’re having this month.

Any litigation or dispute you might have will most likely go against your opinion. Try to defer decisions until later or until the period is more favorable. Those who are dealing with governmental issues have to go through rough periods, as people who run foreign affairs or dealings in between states too.

All in all, most of Leo natives might need to work very hard to get to their targets, no matter the task. In spite of their best efforts, they won’t achieve any significant success. Loan applications on waiting, steps for advancing fresh to financial institutions and banks will be taken and likely to score success.

Your Wellbeing This Month

This month, Mercury will be in the opposition to Leo, so thinking about colleagues and loved ones might conflict your personality. It’s a good idea to make compromises and be patient.

Starting with January 16th, this planet will enter a retrograde phase. Be careful when communicating and don’t make any rash promises. Venus in retrograde will cause tension, reminding you to be modest when expressing your feelings and able to be happy with little.

Mars making a trine with Leo is going to contribute to your excellent productivity and performance. The Leo Horoscope advises you to remain focused on the tasks at hand, and especially those tasks that are physical.

On January 18th, the Full Moon in Cancer is going to happen and affect your ability to know yourself and achieve inner harmony in a more favorable way.

The Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th will form opposition for the Leos. This will be characterized by manifestations of assertiveness and leadership, as well by accentuated conflict. The Leo Horoscope in January recommends you to be restrained.

Mercury, being in retrograde still, has been in the sign of the hardworking Capricorn once more ever since the 26th, creating a favorable period when it comes to going back to unresolved matters.

Venus will continue to be tense, so you need to remember about saving money and being moderate when expressing your feelings.

Mars is going into Capricorn on the 25th and will form a constellation that is tense to the sign of Leo. The Leo Horoscope recommends that you maintain a balance between dealing with what aspirations others have and your own personal ambitions.

Health Predictions

The health will be good most of the time. Just monitor your stress levels and make sure your wellbeing is not affected in any way. Keep in mind that being too responsible and taking on too many obligations can also turn you into a resentful person. Share any concerns you might have and allow others to do their part for you as well.

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