Leo July 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-06-22, 2602 views

As revealed by the Leo July 2015 monthly horoscope, the greatest chances for you are to come from several parts of your life during July. It’s hard to pick a single field where you will achieve the greatest fulfilments as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, well supported by Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini, occurs on the first astrological house of your chart.

That signifies a lot of outgoing energy that makes you enthusiastic, shinning and generous to those around you. Displaying such qualities can only appeal the attention of any people, their admiration, even their gratitude and many rewards in terms of spectacular outcomes for some projects of yours.

The circumstances bring you in the spotlight and you surely like that. Nevertheless, most favoured natives are those who, beside the above mentioned positive qualities, display authenticity as well, instead of acting too dramatically (or should I say mendaciously?) just to impress an audience or close ones.

Fight your fears

The main issue for you can be induced by your emotions in case you don’t deal with them properly. There is a lot of inner energy that is hidden on your twelfth astrological house. Here you have several important transits that can undermine your peace through fears of being rejected (perhaps it’s about being rejected by an audience) or of losing a safe status.

Whichever would be the substance of your fears, they bring you angsts and that can lead to health problems probably linked to your stomach.

Not really a home sweet home

The most delicate time is expected to be in the middle of July as some legal or abroad-related changes or some unexpected news can bring a lot of fuss.

Moreover, the tense aspect between Venus in your sign and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio challenges your family relationships and the atmosphere at home. It’s a time to better understand either your past experiences or the background of your family and thence, to offer forgiveness through overcoming your ego.

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