Leo July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3710 views

A month of highs and lows with somewhat of a turn of events if you manage to keep your eyes on the prize. Intrigued? Well, you shouldn’t necessarily be as all this will be quickly revealed to you starting from the first days of July.

Mentally you seem to be on top of most of the things you ought to resolve but emotionally, things are completely different. Usually strong, this month you seem to focus too much on what you want and on the expectations you have from others and this will tend to get you hurt.

Calming down

The first week seems to benefit meditation and spiritual endeavors but if you don’t have experience into this you will probably end up more tormented than relaxed by your thoughts. You are not channeling your energy where you should.

Venus on one hand is stirring things further while on the other calms you down and makes you be a lot more empathic.

Your partner will most likely benefit from this attitude of yours, especially because you are more open to what they have to say.

A lot of noise and agitation around can mean that you won’t get bored at all and at the same time will probably offer you occasions to showcase your abilities. A good time for those who have something to prove at work, especially if there is some sort of financial stake in the game as well.

Change your scope

Whilst usually Saturn would bring an influx of ambition and restore you to your default settings, this time it seems a bit baffled by the heat around and pretends to be someone else, a very emotional being indeed.

Around the 15th you will most likely be in the best shape physically. A good time for exercise and starting on a diet if this suits you.

This might compliment the emotional crisis you are going through and might make you find a different purpose.

For some natives, the occasion of an interview or some similar meeting might force them further into getting in shape. Inspired as you are, there won’t be any issues for you to go round any demands.

Use some advice

You are advised to make long term provisions but at the same time allow some room for change so it won’t surprise you as much. You will find it that your partner thinks in a similar way and they might help you too.

Beware of exaggerations and waste of resources, be it money or time. There might be some occasions for you to get involved in repairs and other matters of the house.

With a bit of inspiration, you may be able to come to interesting results without having to spend too much money. You will need a lot of will and persistence though. Bold ideas are also helped by fate but you need someone else to help as well.

Although you might find that involving your friends is a good idea, there might be some boundaries in this regard that you don’t want to cross.

Some delays in this area will also get your mind off any such attempts now and for the near future.

Coming to a conclusion

Despite all this happening, during the second half of the month you remain a person of action with a good disposition when it comes to trying new things. You might be ignoring some details because of this rush of yours to accomplish things, but overall this all looks good.

There might be people coming at you with ideas, but despite all the enthusiasm, you need to differentiate between what is real and what can only exist in imagination.

The very last days of July ought to bring some kind of travel opportunity but you might be too busy to seize it. There might be chance to send your partner or other close people from your family to travel.

In case this happens, try not to turn jealous on them because your turn will come eventually. There might be a lesson of understanding and patience that you need to learn on this occasion.

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