Leo July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3503 views

You might want to set out high expectations this July because things are about to get real. It may be that you are finally ready to reap the results of your hard work, or, on the contrary, you are willing to work even harder to move even further.

It seems that personal projects are favoured and you might discover a new way of making money. Some natives will want to involve their friends and might benefit from extra ideas whilst others will be more secretive and will prefer to do it all by themselves.

The key is to be open and not put your own roadblocks ahead. If no one says something is impossible, why should you. If you manage your worries efficiently, you won’t come across many reasons to stress this month.

Romantic times

It is quite hard to say how things will move in your love life but surely the most beneficial period for decisions and actions in this aspect of your life, is during the first two weeks of the month. You might come across a new person and will be attracted to them more than you would expect, although they might not necessarily be your type.

This is a great moment to get rid of preconceptions and not be judgmental. If you want to get to know that person better do something. Otherwise, just move on. It won’t bring you good karma if you dwell in uncertainty and you sort of lead that person on too.

Some natives will even have the courage to go on a trip of some kind with someone they’ve just met. It takes a lot of courage and confidence but it seems that in this context, it is more about trust and intuition.

Seeking a role model

After the 10th, your attention moves towards being more like people you look up to and it seems that you will sort of actively seek a role model. It may be that you have someone at work who matches the description.

Be careful though not to get your hopes too high because that person might disappoint you, either directly, not doing something they’ve said they would, or indirectly, through their behaviour.

You are predisposed to rushed actions so you need to temper your impulses and place yourself in some sort of expectative. It is a general rule that this July, the more you expect the defined, the more complex things become. If you are open to the unexpected, you will be surprised by what situations life will put you through.

Being protective

This is not the time for speculations of all kinds, especially if you are talking about other people. Stay away from gossip because that way of things to turn back to you is moving even faster this month.

You don’t want to put yourself in a sensible situation just because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut in a casual conversation.

Practical matters are going to surface after the 23rd, and you might feel the need to take the blame and then try to sort them out, in order to protect someone from the family. This is a nice initiative but perhaps won’t offer you as much satisfaction as you imagine it would.

Keep personal matters personal around the 25th, especially if you sense that one of your friends or colleagues is behaving in a peculiar way. You never know what secret agenda they might have and definitely you don’t want to get involved further.


There are some nice surprises waiting for you towards the end of month, mostly having to do with work but it seems that you will be able to move the celebrations home too.

This is a great time to make your family more aware of your efforts at work and perhaps lobby them to be more understanding the next time you are coming home late.

The only word of caution in regard to this celebration has to do with you getting the rest you need, especially if during the past weeks you couldn’t sleep as much as you would have wanted to.

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