Leo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 4852 views

An ideal month to move away from some past events that are still troubling you and definitely the best start for personal projects. Take advantage that people are going away for holidays so you can spend more time on your own.

Meditation and anything spiritual will be benefited, as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with those close to you and distancing yourself from toxic relationships that have been keeping you stuck, perhaps without you even realizing it.

This is not to say that practical aspects, more mundane activities, are not going to bother you this month because surely, this is going to happen.

It may be that you will need to dedicate a few days to catching up with chores around the house and this will make you feel very good with yourself.

There are some interesting dispositions this July that will strengthen your health as well but this territory may still come up with some challenges of its own.


Watch out! During the second half of the month you are definitely advised against long and strenuous effort and you should dedicate more time to relaxing activities.

A little too outspoken

An exciting start of the first week under the Mercury square Uranus aspect which may alter completely your routine, in exciting ways.

There may also be some nervous tension gathering at work but you are likely going to be one of those people trying to actively defuse it.

You may feel in a hurry more than ever these days, whilst not really understanding what you are running towards or from.

Some small arguments at home may keep you awake at night but it is perhaps only you who is worrying about that.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Jupiter aspect forming on the 9th will channel your attention towards the future and towards long term achievements. A downside however, may be that you will end up rather distracted.

Another fiery aspect will ensure you continue the fight throughout the week, the Mercury Mars opposition.

However, you will also get a few moments to relax, perhaps even in the company of some dear friends whom you haven’t seen in a long while.

You are going to be very spontaneous in your reactions, as prompted by the stars, but aside from the inner satisfaction this feeling of freedom brings to you, this may also bring some criticism from elderly people in the family.


Enhance! You will not be afraid to make bold statements, even if only to shock others, despite the calming and friendly effect of the Sun trine Jupiter aspect that also seems to be in operation at the time. This aspect will be responsible with the small opportunities you may be getting at work.

Professional advice may be required

The Solar Eclipse taking place on the 12th forms an opposition aspect with Pluto thus may awaken a bit of a personality crisis in you.

It’s time to get rid of the old and get the new in but as it seems you may have learned your lesson about burning bridges and you don’t want to break any connections to people you may find useful in the future, you will only be left with potential changes in your lifestyle.

And it also appears that you may be on a budget, meaning that you are not going to be able to spend too much on the said changes. This is that time when you get desperate and get into DIY, although you will not officially recognize this.


TOP TIP of the month: Around the 18th, you may find that you feel at your best around children and you will spend a lot of your time participating in recreational activities. Bedtime stories and the like are going to become a thing, even if only temporary.

The Venus sextile Jupiter aspect developing on the 22nd is going to be a lucky one for you so perhaps this is the time in July when you need to focus on money and investments of all sorts.

You may at first feel uneasy, especially if you are not benefiting from any professional advice but people learn in life and no one was born knowing everything.

This means you will also be more inclined towards small periods of study, even if only to your personal benefit.

From the 26th onwards, with Mercury retrograde, you should already know to expect some misunderstandings and delays in your social life.

Unlike on other occasion however, the current retrograde period is not going to bring negotiations to a standstill so there are some chances of progress in matters you have started before the 26th.

Natives who are involved in property, either building or buying at the moment, will really need to have a think about the long-term consequences.

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