Leo July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Leo natives may have to adjust this July, and after many delays, faulty relationships with family and so forth, have the chance to find hidden treasures in their inner universe and shine in the public arena, highlighting their strengths.

Leo natives feel more and more lonely and are willing to meet new people to find a partner. Even if at the beginning they will find a person with whom they will have much in common, this does not mean that they can form a couple as they want. It is ideal to wait and not rush into making a decision.

This month you learn to communicate more effectively and openly, especially when it comes to married life. In terms of professional life, you finally manage to achieve your goals and, thus, you manage to eliminate some the stress that you have been accumulating lately.

July 2020 highlights

In July, the desire to obtain material goods will awaken in you so beware of excessive spending. We recommend that you exert financial reservation, because the potential exaggerated expenses could cost you even the roof over your head.

However, Leo should not panic, because, overall, you are able to behave responsibly with your finances and everything will be fine. However, it is good to always think about whether it is really necessary to buy that thing. Buying a new TV or anything like that can always be postponed.

In relationships, things will be calm. The fire of your passion goes out, but now is the time to build lifelong relationships. July is definitely beneficial for long-term relationships.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 3rd: Don’t let yourself overwhelmed by responsibilities, take everything step by step.

Around the 6th: Try to behave responsibly with your finances.

Around the 14th: Protect your nerves and take everything take comes your way with a grain of salt.

Around the 24th: Work towards the betterment of a long-term relationship in your life.

Around the 30th: Monitor your mood closely and do something that relaxes you.

Leo love horoscope for July

A tense atmosphere in the sentimental life can be removed if you glimpse its real sources, and do not deal only with its effects.

It is possible that an obstacle in the way of communicating with the loved one is generated by some involuntary misunderstandings, so both you and them must show boundless sincerity, share with each other, without hesitation, what you need.

If you are single, accessing the heart of someone who attracts you can be somewhat difficult. If your love is true, you should not be discouraged, but persevere in demonstrating your feelings!

Career horoscope

In the professional sphere, a series of projects always postponed, delayed, insist on their completion. At the same time, you can be mobilized to use your work time more calculated, more organized, thus increasing your productivity.

The New Moon occurring on the 20th in your neighbouring sign, Cancer, can bring you in a somewhat stressful situation, because of a close person who seems to criticize you without taking into account your true ideals. Even if you are not supported by others, confidence in yourself and your decisions will soon pay off.

The last decade of the month gives you the opportunity to shine on the social arena, to bring to light the most favorable sides of your personality. Your bold, independent attitude makes it easier for you to achieve your most burning goals!

Your wellbeing this month

Right from the beginning of the month, some minor health problems may encourage you to revise your lifestyle, to get rid of harmful habits. You are inspired to adopt a balanced diet, rid of toxins, fats, and to impose a regular exercise program.

On July 5, 2020, the Full Moon in the sign of the Capricorn also impels you to improve your daily routine, to find solid, stimulating motivations, in assuming or continuing some practices of revitalization, optimization of your physical and mental tone.

In the second decade of July, after a period of relative confusion, you seem to find the most fertile ways to connect with your inner universe, with your subconscious area. When circumstances in your external environment tend to confuse you, to question how you should act, growing intuition supports you to find the best ways to evolve, to develop.

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