Leo July 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In July you will enjoy being free to do whatever you want and introspect. Cancer’s planetary energies until the 22nd are inviting you to analyze your inner self, whereas until the 28th, Jupiter in Pisces increases your libido and business acumen, for the last decan.

Meanwhile, Saturn gives the opportunities to bring long-lasting associations during the 1st decan. For the 2nd decan, you don’t need to be too touchy because your socio-professional life looks good.

Mars in Leo, your sign, until the 29th gives you tremendous energy, whereas Venus makes you more charming until the 22nd. Starting with the 23rd, when the Sun comes in your constellation, you’re going to feel enlightened.

This summer season, you’re warmer, so don’t hesitate to express your creativity. For the month’s end, Mars and Venus in Virgo will bring calm but less warmth.

July 2021 Highlights

For the month of July, Leo natives will have to be very careful with their businesses, also try as much as possible to not mix work with love. This time period is going to be difficult for them.

They need to make efforts to move ahead and achieve, no matter what area of life they may be focusing on. Luckily for them, they have many great qualities that will be of help, such as brilliance, magnetism, pride and authority.

The more they learn how to benefit from these gifts of theirs, the more they can overcome any obstacle in their path. They will have the biggest problems at work, as here they don’t know the answers to some very important questions.

Having these answers would greatly help them advance in their career. In the social area, they will be many times shocked by the fact that they’re not in the mood to go to parties and go out anymore.

Make sure you accept your friends’ invitations to have fun if you want to feel better and luckier in life.

Leo Love Horoscope for July

In July, Leos are going to be extremely irritated at work, and this will reflect on their relationship. Being stressed because of what’s happening in their professional life, they will argue with their partner so much that they will even become quite violent.

This will destroy the chance for their romantic connection to develop and last in time. Thus, they need to learn how mixing work with love goes, also to not take their problems from the workplace home.

This is the only way for them to feel like their time spent with their partner is enjoyable. You will want to love and be loved, whereas Mars being in your sign will have you being even more fiery.

You will be pampered with warm feelings and dialogue. Make sure you’re expressing your feelings too. Before the 23rd, there’s a cool atmosphere surrounding you.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Leos won’t find their peace in this area of life. Those of them who financially depend on others won’t be able to fulfil their tasks, just like employed Leos won’t satisfy their superiors at work, nor get along well with their colleagues.

They will complain about the situation being despotic, as they will be too proud to admit they may have made a mistake. Just be calm and admit when you’re wrong.

In case you’re running your own business, don’t associate your work with the one of someone in your family. It doesn’t matter what proposals of business you’re receiving, the stars are not in favor of you working with your relatives.

As a matter of fact, the stars want Leos to go ahead and rule a legal decision they have been postponing, to make order in their paperwork, also to report any irregularities.

On the other hand, July seems to bring these natives a lot of luck with gambling and financial stability as a result of an increase in salary.

Your Wellbeing This Month

The planet Saturn starts in lengthy stay in Leo’s sector of associations and intimacy. Don’t be afraid of its teachings, as they’re very constructive during the 1sr decan.

Be welcoming with the month’s energies. Have the courage to face any challenge. Being stressed by different problems, many Leos will experience a discomfort, headaches and insomnia.

If they want these health issues to be immediately solved for them, they need to get some prescribed medicine. Taking pills without consulting a doctor is not recommended.

During weekends, they need to forget all about work and just enjoy the free time they’re having.

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