Leo June 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-05-21, 3192 views

This June seems to challenge your patience and the best you can do is to not let yourself affected by what comes your way. But you are also attentive and stubborn during the first half of the month and this could help you gain some advantage.

The following half on the other hand will unleash all those emotions you have kept hidden for a while. Unstable prospects for any partnership will drive people away from you further so no chance for exterior help, therefore stop exploring this and you’ll win some time and energy for actual work.

The first week is going to see you trying to balance home and work, both with increasing demands, at the same time as you are trying to build upon a personal project. The Sun will provide some space for you to gather resources but after this you are basically on your own.

Some action

Financially speaking you are sensing a good deal of success but you need not count on anything dropping out of the skies because this is not the case. A lot of expenditure in the first few days, however, this might be balanced by income coming your way the following weeks.

Around the 17th Venus seems to meddle in your love life up to the point that you are kind of losing all your sense for someone you’ve just met.

And this has equal chances to happen to a single native in search for adventure or to a committed native who simply has a weakness at this particular moment. Interesting to see how far you will go and whether you will get caught or not on the wrong foot.

Some help in need

The third week of June will come with a bit of a dilemma for you, especially in regards to money that is being asked from you.

On one side you would like to help a friend in need or the distant relative that is begging you for it but on the other hand, you are not in the position to do this or this money out would be a too high risk for you now.

While on other occasion you might just settle on a decision and move on, this time, things seem to be a lot more emotional and you don’t really know what to do.

Perhaps this is happening because you tend to be quite empathic and because you already started thinking how it would be if you were in their case.

Repairing what’s broken

Professionally speaking, you will probably achieve more by speaking and directing people than working yourself but all this coordination requires a great deal of effort, something you won’t be every day in the mood to put up with.

This month also talks about acceptance and tolerance, perhaps to someone who did something wrong to you and with whom, fate is now putting you face to face. There might be some expectations that you have so feel free to put those ahead. The result has the potential to surprise you.

And while you are at making things right with strangers, why not change your focus on your family as well as there might be some situations that require repair there too.

You have an interesting relationship with people younger than you at the moment and you can benefit from them seeing you as a mentor. But of course that this comes with great pressure and you need to stay away from exaggerations, at least when in their company.

Too much emotion

The end of the month tends to be quite emotional and from the competitive native you are, you’ll find yourself questioning something you did in a particular situation and what others might think of you.

This will temper you down in your own detriment and might make you immune to seizing some kind of opportunity that might come your way during this period.

At the same time, your partner might sense this weakness in you and might provoke you or demand for something you wouldn’t otherwise accept. And of course, once you wake up from this emotional lethargy you will probably regret anything you have said or agreed to.

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