Leo June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Everything you do this June, dear Leo, will have a creative underlying, whether you are happy with this or not. Your focus will switch easily from work to home and the other way around but your thinking patterns and what you look out for, will remain the same.

There will be moments this month in which you will deliberately ignore opportunities because of your laziness and the need to feel comfortable.

Not that you will be against travel or sports but those around will require to really put their best arguments forward if they want you on board any activities of this kind.

During the second half of the month you will gain more clarity about the goals you are pursuing and will even request more opinions, something you are not always keen on doing.

Your relationship with actual, hard work, will be a complex one in June, because, no matter how crucial the task at hand, your first impulse will always be to delegate it.

You will only get personally involved in activities with instant rewards and you will most likely take indulging, especially through extended shopping sessions, at an art level.


Enhance! There will be several occasions this June when you will be taken out of your comfort zone and when you will show just how adaptable you are and how you can tackle everything with calm.

Money and romance

Avoid letting yourself carried away by temptation the first weekend of June and take advantage of the studious Mercury trine Mars disposition. Get as much work crammed as possible during this weekend and you will get to see the benefits throughout the month.

Not to mention that knowing you have done the right thing and have not procrastinated, will increase your confidence.

Around the 3rd there may be some health concerns that you will need to address and this may generate some sort of critical debate in the family.

The Sun conjunct Mercury aspect debuting on the 4th will sharpen your mind against any sudden changes and although you may not exhibit the most flexible behaviour, you will always be prepared with the right reaction.

This is a great time to clarify a personal aspect that has been keeping you awake at night so don’t be afraid to ask the most direct of questions.


Astrological aspect of the month: With Venus arriving in your sign on the 13th, it is time to be generous and actually observe the beauty around. Some natives may benefit from a privileged treatment.

Whilst for some the New Moon on the 13th will mark an occasion to be creative and dreamy and to try something new, for you it will be the main driver behind financial advance. This is the only thing you are expecting and the main goal.

And to achieve this, you are going to milk all your important relations and will try to charm your way into higher circles as well.

This should keep you busy for a couple of days, especially if your motivations are that strong that you won’t let yourself distracted by the romantic proposals brought in by the Venus Uranus square.

This is exactly one of those dispositions when the emotional charge is the highest and when the potential for drama to occur is the greatest. Perhaps your partner or love interest has something very important to say or do.


TOP TIP of the month: Around the middle of the month, your charm and previous due diligence are going to get you out unharmed from a sensible situation at work.

And to make matters worse …

And whilst the above may have been emotional tensions, after the 19th, the game suddenly takes a more adult turn with the Venus Mars opposition that puts sexual desires in the spotlight. But you are bold and capable of tempering yourself so it will all be a matter of what you really want to happen.

After the 21st, the Sun will be entering the 12th House, thus prompting you towards rest, introspection and spiritual aspects.

There may be a greater risk of you being talked into endeavours you don’t really believe in, especially by people you otherwise trust very much.

Should you want to oppose any such attempts, you will end up in a battle of words and ideas, just as the Mercury Pluto opposition enjoys the most.


Watch out! After the 26th, you may find it difficult to verbalize your emotions and will prefer to let your partner down by not communicating with them, rather than make an effort.

Luckily, things will turn to a less dramatic and more entertaining disposition from the 24th onwards, with Venus squaring Jupiter thus putting you in a good disposition and easily relaxed.

On the other hand, this is a purely materialistic disposition, meaning that greed and other hidden feelings like envy and possessiveness, are going to surface.

Add on top of this some delays and frustrations as Mercury may also be playing up with your senses and it seems that the end of June is only on the surface entertaining, because, otherwise, it’s actually boiling.

But if you look at the bigger picture and activate your intuition, you may notice that these are just preparing you for the climax that the Full Moon on the 28th is. Take advantage of it to put the foundations of a dramatic change in your life.

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