Leo June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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June will take you out of contemplation and melancholy and it will be necessary for all fellow Leos to focus on their career.

There might be some minor problems in the family. Someone near will need a helping hand. This time, criticism must be left aside, otherwise you risk losing the trust you have earned so far.

The nostalgic state of late has disappeared. You put yourself on the job and you are not afraid to communicate to those around you the ideas you have.

It is time to perfect your creative career fulfilment. Your energy and talents need to be more fully expressed and the opportunities in this area are focused.

You may feel that you are struggling for a creative change, but do not look out for a shortcut, because the change will come.

Be as clear as possible when you talk to yourself about who you want to become, about your goals, and what you need for creative satisfaction.

If you can be clear and determined about what you want, then what you want will come to you.

This is a good time for the focus on purification, health and services for the benefit of others.

You may feel well indulged in buying something beautiful. Use this benefit with discretion. Use your relationships with those around to express the depth and truth about who you are.

June highlights

During the first week of the month your productivity could be much higher than its usual odds. But with this will come praise from others for your focus and this might tempt you to exaggerate some things out of proportion.

Your popularity will increase further even during the second week of June, but only if you know how to control your ego from inflating. There are great chances to make new and very reliable friends.

Around the middle of the month, you might encounter some medical or work challenges, but your fighter mood helps you get over them without any problems. You also seem to know better that you have to be optimistic to deal with the trials.

During or around the 20th, workloads or complicated workloads may reappear, or it may be something that you are upset about on the health side.

Towards the end of the month, you will be very communicative and very open to other people. You are recommended to look even more carefully to the needs of those around because your help will be accepted easier than usual.

If you, yourself are in a period of recovery or convalescence, do not hurry to go back to work. Give yourself time to heal to connect to what is really important to you, to your soul.

Leo love horoscope for June 2019

In love, in June 2019, you tend to be too melancholic, dreamy and prone to hunt for illusions that may cost you a lot of money. With Venus’ transit, you will be rather flirty but not very involved emotionally.

Therefore, it may be appropriate to reassess the decisions made back at the start of the year, regarding your love expectations. You might even find yourself in the middle of a complicated love triangle, not even knowing how you managed to get in the situation.

The Sun, the governor of the Leo, will be transiting your eleventh house, that of social life and friendships, until the 21st, so no wonder that, up to this date, you will leave your love life on the second plan and focus more on your entourage.

Sentimental adventures tend to complicate, especially if you give up the temptation to engage in secret relationships, with people who have other obligations, or you may be tempted to cheat. Also, do not combine a friendship with love because an explosive and potentially disastrous outcome is to be expected.

Happy lions in marriage enjoy a period of romanticism, poetry, soul delight. But everyone needs to be careful not to confuse old time love with something more, especially if a sad relationship is attempted to be rekindled.

Career progress this month

Leo's professional horoscope initially indicates the need to defeat its inflexible nature in order to come into contact with the deepest areas of its inner world, which allows it to be impetuously outward until the end of June.

Their work life tends to oscillate between an exaggerated reason and a dazzling idealism that sweeps everyone off their feet.

Your professional situation is quite tense and you will need a change. Maybe not all of your plans take place the way you want this month, but you do not have to hold your hands in your pockets.

Wait, you're lucky too! Be active, look for another job, or try to get a job from colleagues who go on vacation.

This month it is best to act modestly, from behind the scenes, discreetly, eventually looking at past experiences. With Mercury in your twelfth house, it’s all about understanding the past before predicting the future and about isolating yourself from hidden enemies.

Therefore, caution is advised in selecting projects, choosing collaborators, but even with respect to some of their friends and their proposals.

Otherwise, you collect the benefits of previous efforts and you can increase your revenue by using intuition, conservation instinct and not the impulse to risk.

Give yourself time to think and don’t let yourself influenced by friends when you decide what to do with your own money.

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