Leo June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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June will take you out of contemplation. Leo people will need to focus on rather pragmatic aspects of their lives, whether we are referring to professional or domestic activities.

There may be some minor family issues arising and you will need to weather some stormy clouds. Someone close will need a helping hand. This time, the criticisms must be put aside, otherwise you risk someone close’s trust in you.

June 2020 highlights

A characteristic of the lion is the ability to translate information from theory to practice, and in June it will be exactly like that. You will be attracted to books, documents, lectures and any other tools that will help you take a step forward, especially on a personal level.

It seems that personal development is absolutely crucial for you now, which is great. A good relationship with yourself leads to good relationships with others. The knowledge gained will be useful in the future.

You will socialize to the fullest, especially after the 12th, and this will bring great pleasure in your life. Secrets may be revealed after the 28th. Get ready for big surprises.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 5th: Worry less about the future and focus more on the present.

Around the 11th: Your social life may improve but beware of gossip and toxic situations.

Around the 19th: Don’t wait for certainties where there are none, just try your best.

Around the 26th: It’s time to throw a helping hand to a friend in need, without them asking.

Around the 28th: Some financial issue may weigh you down but it’s only temporary.

Leo love horoscope for June

As a general note, the sentimental relationships of the Leos, formalized or not, are tested in June and in the coming months, just to help them understand if their relationships are based on authentic feelings. In cases where it is confirmed that they are based on true love, these Leos will feel more fulfilled, closer than ever to their partner.

Older couples, who go on by virtue of inertia or do not know if they have a chance for the future or if there is a real prospect of formalization, may be shaken by events that force partners to make major decisions.

With Saturn retrograding in your house of relationships and marriage throughout this summer, perhaps you should prolong the processes of resettlement or rethinking your relationship.

The lunar eclipse debuting on the 5th of June, activates your fifth house, that of romance and sentimental adventures, which means that there are possible moments of emotional crisis, in which certain relationships come to an end, especially if they do not go well more time.

For single Leos, socializing, flirting, and romantic challenges may take place online, which saves them too much involvement and helps them avoid making commitments.

Some native may become rather nostalgic, return to old loves or consider the possibility of trying to reconnect with a person they once broke up with.

Career and finances

In June, given the retrogrades of both Mercury and Venus, it would be good to arm yourself with patience and always have a backup solution.

Creativity characterizes you this month and you seem to have many ideas that you want to implement and, moreover, you enjoy the support of the people around you. Finally, you manage to turn an older passion or hobby of yours into an important source of income.

You do not lack reformist ideas, but you may find that you do better with a partner or in an association, or by resorting to specialist advice. to revolutionize your career.

If you have a bigger investment to make, try to do it before the 18th when Mercury becomes retrograde. After this date, it is more advisable to take stock and recap the decisions you have made lately and maybe even the financial mistakes you have made. From all this, there are lessons to be learned that will help you move forward.

Perhaps you should lower your expectations in terms of attracting investments or sponsorships and be careful if you want to access a loan. You tend to see things in a too bright of a light and risk sinking into debt.

Your wellbeing this month

June should be a month of introspection and empathy. Leave your selfish impulses away and put yourself more in the place of others and your perspective on life will change. This summer you will learn what empathy really means.

As the Sun is the governor of your sign, the eclipses coming up this month have a strong impact on you, your inner balance and your subconscious.

Perhaps the second half of the month may bring to light many things that you have tried to deny so far, to hide from yourself. It could be an important step in healing older wounds, in a process of self-forgiveness, but also of accepting and forgiving those who have wronged you.

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