Leo June 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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You will have self-control this month, so you’re going to overcome any difficulty, as in the month’s beginning, there will all sort of small annoyances present. Suddenly, your determined gaze of the Leo is going to hide a new faced, one of destabilization.

Luckily, this won’t last long, as starting with the 13th, you need to have a break. The summer’s beginning will remind you of the good and old habits that you had, parties, and outings. In other words, of those times when you used to enjoy life.

There will be planets discouraging you accelerating more than usual. Some other planets are going to push you in all sorts of new directions. Around June 20th, the summer is going to bring cordiality and warmth to all your relationships. You will have ambitions that are going to resume the true colors that you have and make you the king, as you are.

June 2022 Highlights

Every day, your charisma and personal power, as well as your magnetism, are going to increase. While the planets will be approaching their Eastern positions at the maximum, you will have the ability of imposing the way you’re doing things, as well as make your life as per your conditions indicate.

But there will be an increase in the retrograde activity (as much as 40% from June 2nd and until June 8th). You’re advised to be cautious, to wait and to see what’s going on. Many planets being present in the 12th House of spirituality is also suggesting that there will be time for reassessing and planning.

The conditions faced and thought of will change, so the plans and thoughts that you currently have won’t correspond to the true events or needs that you have. On June 10th, there will be a solar eclipse affecting you the most.

Therefore, it’s advised that you reduce your activities during that period. While this eclipse is going to be a picnic when compared to the ones you have experienced a few years before, it’s still going to be strong. Your ruler, the Sun, is affected by every solar eclipse, so eclipses all matter in the Leo’s life.

They give opportunities, not to mention they are redefining your personality, so make the changes that you need to make to the way you look. Use body purifying and cleansing methods. This eclipse won’t be any exception, not to mention it will occur near the planet Saturn, which is your planet of work and health.

Therefore, there are announced changes in your health and work. In case you happen to be an entrepreneur, then expect a reorganization of staff. On the other hand, in case you are employed, then there will be work restructuring that will give you a brand-new opportunity. The health programs are going to change.

Many of the people born in Leo will change their health and doctor plans. Toxins are going to be released from their body, and the cleaning process will be done. This will be a solar eclipse occurring in Leo’s 12th House of spirituality. In case you happen to be on a spiritual path, you might change your guru or teacher, as well as your meditative practices.

Extrasensory or dream experiences that are going to take place in the eclipse time mustn’t be taken too seriously, as they will eliminate plenty of psychic debris. As this eclipse is going to affect the planet Pluto, which is your home, you might relocate or do some renovations. There will be hidden defects that you need to repair.

Also, you will have to make some unexpected expenses that are affecting your wealth in the long run. Problems with the people in your life are also going to appear, problems that have been for a long time buried, so you might be more emotionally explosive as usual.

The June 24th lunar eclipse is also affecting the family and home, so it’s an aspect you need to have a look at it. Remain calm when things are being explosive. There will be a like a storm out on the open sea, so seek for refuge and pass it. The surf is going to be calm, not to mention the sky will be clear before you take action again.

Many Leos will perhaps receive some news about bringing a child into the world, by the lunar eclipse. This might lead to having to change creative projects and no longer being creative in general. Relationships with little ones are going to change so that they can last, and maybe in the most normal and natural way.

Change is going to happen. There will be love opportunities, as the Leo’s love planet moving in a retrograde is indicating how there’s a need for patience and time.

Leo Love Horoscope for June

Seeing that you’re thinking too much, you have to make an effort in love. Even if you’re aware of the problem, correcting it with will be very difficult. Don’t make any decision for others. Allow them to be free when it comes to choosing the people with whom they are sharing their life with.

Luckily, there will be a smaller inner voice that will tell you how you should be aware of some things. This is a summer in which you’re going to learn how living for other people works. In the couple, when you will remain focused on the projects you have, as a Leo, you will gain value.

Don’t be focused on the little person that you are. While it might be difficult, you should get what you want. You will have a persuasive partner. Since June will be the month of passion, be joyful about it. Attention is on you, and you are being seductive. Contacts will bring you advantages, so don’t lose your compass.

You will see the relationship evolving very rapidly, but in case you prefer having fun and not committing, don’t make any empty promise. During the month’s first 10 days, there will be a difficult love affair. No one will stop to see what the other needs, and rather, love will be given as generously and unconditionally as if it was sufficient.

You will have a generosity misconception, one that’s going to be the main problem of your relationship issues. This misconception will be positive the more you stop thinking about what’s being given in love, as this is what the partner needs and the essential for expanding personally. This month, Leo natives are going to receive many calls for being given attention.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Leos will have their life overflowing with all sorts of new ideas. They’re going to receive all sort of proposals, while exploring the many interest areas. The planet Jupiter, which will already be moving out, is going to leave them without any defence.

The natives paying closer attention to any practical mean will have to move in the right direction to obtain good results. They will advance. The month’s specific goal will be seeking balanced combinations of effort and pleasure. If they stay at extremes, then they’re going to reach dead ends and lack gratification.

The month will progress for those Leos who are working. If you are one of them, then you’re going to reach some agreements with superiors, agreements that are going to bring you benefits. The final results will be reached in time.

You need to be careful with the reactions. Those who are entrepreneurs will need to use the 2nd fortnight in their own advantage. This is when the good results are going to be reaped if they are risking expanding their own contacts.

The planet Mars in the sign of Virgo and the planet Venus in the sign of Leo are going to bring you plenty of luck and energy. The planets Uranus and Jupiter will also help a lot. The retrogradation of the planet Neptune in the 8th House of the Leo on the 22nd, and at the beginning, is going to warn about how important it is to be realistic when analyzing all sort of investment proposals that are requiring the partner to participate, and not only the partner, but also the associates or the family.

This won’t be a good time for taking risks and sharing any heritage. The season won’t be excellent either when it comes to reviewing joint projects that are in the phase of concept or have been abandoned in the past. At work, Palas in retrograde entering the 6th House of the Leo on the 2nd, might cause some delays when it comes to the work routine and meeting deadlines.

Seeing that the planets Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde will also be in the sign’s 6th House, there will be the opportunity of redefining professional strategies and schedules, beginning with the native’s true priorities. The North Node being activated in the 11th House of the Leo on the 4th is going to shift the focus from on oneself to others, emphasizing how much third parties have to bring their contribution, receiving how others are thinking, and no longer assuming the attitude of a know-it-all.

The humbler you are, the more you show confidence and maturity. Let’s keep in mind that until the 25th, the planet Venus is going to retrograde in the Leo’s 11th House, at the Venus Star Point that’s also going to take place on the 3rd, encouraging reflection on their own dreams and the way these are materializing.

Take note that the retrograde of Venus in the Leo’s 11th Venus will foster all sort of relationships of romantic nature and that are conflictive, with work colleagues and friends. Remain prudent.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Leo natives are going to have to be careful when it comes to taking care of themselves. Pluto being present in the House of Health will have two meanings. On one hand, it’s going to generate some amazing transformations and magically improve the native’s life, and on the other, it might damage the bones, allowing tensions to remain dominating.

Breathe and do some gymnastics so that you can relax. In this manner, there will no longer be the possibility contractures to appear. Eat a balanced diet, as the planet Neptune influencing your sign will decrease your organic defences.

Being resilient and willing to deal with any problem, you will be tested. This capacity will lead you to learning what success is. If you stay in any situation, regardless of how tough, you will take the first step towards solving problems.

When faced with the most minor conflict, you’re going to avoid battling, and you will end up being defeated. When facing any type of challenge, there will be a main healthy contribution that’s going to come from the emotional ties that you have.

You will communicate greatly in the environment, which will give you the encouragement you need when facing difficulties.

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