Leo March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3685 views

Oh Leo, Venus is going to bring a lot of love your way but you need to be deserving though. It will be like you are on trial for a few days and if you do the right things you will be blessed with the remaining of lovely moments and if not you will be sent back to the everlasting mundane. Sounds challenging, isn’t it?

But don’t expect to get any rules on what is permitted and what’s not or any prompts on how to enter in Venus’ graces because this is all about feelings.

This March, your personal life becomes all of a sudden a lot more gentle and romantic, a lot more observant and thoughtful.

And while the first half of the month will focus mostly on admiring what you have build or trying to get something closer to your expectations for the single natives, the second half of the month will concern more what is not really working and will be a lot more critical about aspects that need to be fixed.

Little movement

And while in love you seem to be getting the whole package, not the same can be said about your professional life where some things might be stagnating while others might be spinning so out of control that you can’t really figure out in which direction they are going, or if it’s a good thing.

Around the 10th some sort of collaboration might show up, whether you needed it or not but what I would suggest you is to not throw yourself head first and wait to meet more people that can help you out with work.

While you can be impressed with someone at some point, you never know what waits around the corner.

Put your money where your mouth is

In terms of money I can tell you for sure that it is going to be all you can think of. But you know that when you crave something too much, the harder it comes.

You are highly interested in business and trying to do some sort of investment or try to double your savings in some way or another. But I cannot really recommend you to go ahead with any tools of this kind, especially if they involve some sort of risk.

Speculation and manipulation are forbidden at this point if you don’t want to attract the misfortune of the stars. Respect your position and respect yourself. Patience is the virtue at the moment and you need to build it if you want to see the following months moving a lot faster.

An interesting connection around the 20th might make you think about others more than usual and might actually show you how beautiful a modest and refrained person can be. For the single natives, this might also involve a bit of emotional attraction but you will have to be objective on the matter.

Let your imagination run free

This might motivate you, if not in bettering yourself, at least in being less critical and arrogant with others, at least when they first meet you.

If there are any children around you I would suggest you to spend some time with them, teach them something or simply play with them. It is a good period for creative endeavors and you can combine the two in an activity that will also help you relax and take your mind off some grow up matters.

Some sort of loss might challenge you and you will have to come to grips with that and not search for solutions where there aren’t any. Mercury meddling here won’t really let you get out of the situation that easily but there is a turn of a key inside you that can help you with that, you just need to find it.

What’s new

Towards the end of the month you seem to forget most of what you’ve learned in the past weeks and tend to be all jumpy whenever you enter in some sort of polemic with anyone around.

Even your own habits are going to become a bit contradictory, maybe making sudden changes in the way you did things for years.

The 29th seems to be favorable though, especially for meetings and reaching common ground and by the looks of it; you will actually let others in the spotlight and prefer to just guide them instead of being all forceful.

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