Leo March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 4367 views

You know that some people say that we are harsh with ourselves in the present so we can then revel in the future when we look back and think of how amazing we were. Nostalgia is always going to be in the human nature, no matter how much we are trying to shove it in the back drawers of our minds.

This March will give you a lot to think but this doesn’t mean you are not going to be as productive as possible. What is to be given to you is that you are going to be able to switch some annoying thoughts on and off as you please and although they are not going anywhere, this doesn’t prevent you from making your best out of whatever you have to do.

And speaking about challenges, time is not going to be on your side so if you are going to feel pressure from something this March, then this is going to be time.

Misunderstandings time

Communication is going to be quite difficult during the first week, perhaps because you are terribly focused on acting, and as soon as possible and those who you are working with might want to take their time.

If you have any negotiations and other important discussion to carry, maybe it is best to try and push them towards the middle of the month, as much as possible.

A lot of the misunderstandings that are going to happen are going to annoy you and make you feel as if they were preventable.

Don’t let these feelings out because they are simply going to make things worse for you. There isn’t much change you can bring during this period.

A bit of nagging

Although things are becoming more and more clear, you will still need to spend more time than you would like in certain situations, just to make sure things are going as you want them to.

For some natives this might have to do with their families as well and they might come off as being quite nagging.

Those who are planning some sort of important purchase are actually going to end up congratulating themselves for this presence of spirit.

Money is hard to get though and will still need to be hard earned so don’t even think about indulging. We are talking about all sorts of features and extras that you don’t really afford, to, let’s say, a car or some house product.

Love complications

It seems that around the 17th, you are going to pay a bit with the reality in your relationship and you are going to sort of manipulate your partner into taking your beliefs.

It may be something that is genuinely inoffensive or may be something that will have bigger consequences.

Of course you are actually enjoying it but, if it were to happen to you, perhaps you wouldn’t be that happy about it. Some natives are not going to be as lucky and might discover some things they won’t be very happy with, along this process.

And speaking about love, some natives are going to struggle with something they have promised and won’t really know how to find a way out of the situation they got themselves into.

Some pressure

A lot from your competitive spirit is going to surface during the last two weeks and although in some situations you do let something from yourself, in others, there is no way you are going to comprise.

Efficiency is on the increase but money is not necessarily following and this will anger you a bit. Those natives who are working for themselves are probably going to feel the biggest pressure, especially if family is coming with their own demands. Sometimes, you just need to accept what is given to you.

The same might be said about energy levels, because these are going to create other frustrations. Some might find that exercise helps while others will know for sure that what they need is like a month of sleep to be as new, something that surely is not going to happen.

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