Leo March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3078 views

An optimistic first month of Spring ahead as you seem to be both in a hurry to accomplish stuff but also rather at peace with yourself. There isn’t much that could faze you and perhaps this is one of the reasons why you tend to keep your confidence levels high throughout the month.

You may want to be careful about rushed decisions, especially if you are not sure of the support you are receiving from those around.

The Mars trine Uranus aspect is pushing you towards new initiatives and getting outside of your comfort zone but you still need to temper your impulses and sift those ideas that are simply too outlandish.

With Mercury turning retrograde, some may thing that this is the end of anything new and of progression this month but it appears that in your cases, is sort of the opposite. There is a Mercury Venus aspect out there as well that will promote development and those who are willing to learn new things should take advantage of this time. Public speaking may also be benefited so don’t be afraid to take on any presentations.

The adventurous self

The first half of March will be marked by passion and a deeper understanding of your role in the relationship. Whilst you want to play it cool, your emotions and instincts are boiling on the inside.

Some natives will be more adventurous and will pursue someone they fancy but whom they know they have no chances with. And surprisingly enough, either something unexpected may come out of this, perhaps them getting the attention they wanted or they won’t feel in any way affected by the rejection as they would have enjoyed the chase very much.

With Mercury trine Jupiter, everyone will tend to have a broad outlook and take matters as they are. With a little bit more positivity and generosity, you are less affected by rejection or when plans don’t go as imagined.

Until the 8th, you seem to have great insight into what the future may look like and will be able to prepare for it, especially in the work place. During this disposition, a lot of what you do tends to be future oriented.

Tensions rising

After the 13th, an interesting aspect will govern your relationship with your closest, whether your partner, family members or friends. Venus in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn is a disposition that raises tensions but can also help relieve unspoken limitations.

Don’t be surprised if you will engage in long conversations and know that, somewhere at the end of this all, there will be some sort of breakthrough.

There may also be moments in which you will lose your energy and cool but these will likely be short lived. There is also some sort of deeper understanding of oneself and one’s role in a group, so you may find it easier to see the needs of those around, now that you understand your own.

Work matters

With Saturn in your 10th house and Mars in Capricorn, it is expected for you to reap the results of previous efforts, both socially and professionally.

You are agile and quick to seize the winning details but may also delay some decisions, just because you want to make sure that you have taken all variables into consideration. Your work is in most cases flawless but you still tend to worry more than you should.

This is one of those occasions in which you are more prone to taking an interest in legal matters and you will finally stop avoiding matters that have to do with finances. A collaboration with a specialist may lead to an interesting result, one that doesn’t necessary satisfy your expectations but one that can help others.


The generous Sun trine Jupiter aspect will see you moving away from your default stubbornness and selfishness and for once, you will not only be attentive to what others need, but will also try to meet these needs, without expecting anything in return.

Cultural activities and travel may also be on the table and perhaps this is a great occasion to enlist the help of your family. Avoid excesses of all sorts, especially culinary ones and listen very strictly to any recommendations you may have from specialists.

During the very last days of the month, it may be wise to refrain from endeavors and plans with people who live far from you because there appears to be less chances to accomplish something.

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