Leo March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This March is perfect for implementing plans, starting a new business or making a major change in your life. Travel is also favored.

In the sentimental plan, the stars recommend that those involved in a relationship be honest with their partner and not hide their feelings in order not to jeopardize their happiness.

Finally, you will have a time when your stars are favorable in your personal life. Try to focus more, even if it's hard sometimes. If you want to quickly recharge your batteries, practice a certain sport, perhaps as part of a team.

For a part of the month, Mercury adds chaos to your life. You may not be able to avoid problems that appear, but you can change how you respond when they occur.

On the other hand, you manage to draw attention to you wherever you go.

March highlights

The first few days of March might bring some small rewards in your life, perhaps linked to some past accomplishments and this will of course help you start the month on the right foot.

This also means that your better financial position and your good mood will draw around some people who might be in just for the ride. Be careful about who you accept in your entourage and try to stay away from toxic people.

Around the middle of the month you will show just how practical you are and might tend to a few things around the house. Regardless of how good or of how bad of a job you will do, no one will be able to reach your level of pride.

After the 26th, spending is reduced and less controversial professional discussions may occur. You might put some extra pressure on you from a family point of view and this might be seen in the way you react at work.

You will not be very keen about taking risks during this period and will rather try to optimize what you already have.

Leo love horoscope for March

March will offer you a little more romance than February did and you should not complain about it, even if this comes at a price.

And the price is a rather mental one, because you might end up feeling rather overwhelmed will all the plans and niceties you need to go through.

Some stronger relationships could get a well-deserved cool down period and perhaps arrange to do some traveling together. Maybe it's not that they do not feel the same, but that both are going through a difficult time, maybe at work or with money, so these concerns could affect their relationship, but not likely their love.

Therefore, it is essential for them and for others, as a matter of fact, to improve communications between them and the partner.

Those in the sign of the Leo who don’t have a partner are somewhat more likely to find dependable love during the month of March.

But they are warned not to act with haste and definitely not hurry into any long-term decisions. Towards the end of the month, their minds will align to their feelings and they are likely to get a little bit more clarity, as to how they should proceed.

Career progress this month

You appear to be very active with regards to your career in March 2019 and it seems that you are going to do whatever you can to protect your reputation. You may even get involved in some activities that are particularly difficult, just to prove yourself.

With Mars’ activity this month, the need to change, to innovate, to revolutionize what you do is greater than usual.

After the middle of the month, unexpected collaborations can be born that will open up special perspectives on your professional future.

The competition can be fierce during the second half of March and some actions of those close or people from work can end up taking you by surprise and, in order to cope with the situation, you need to put your mind, intuition and knowledge to work.

You will also try to stay up to speed with everything that is new, perhaps even put in some overtime to achieve certain targets. With Mercury retrograde until the 28th, you are recommended caution and a redistribution of your priorities.

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