Leo May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 3075 views

While you might be keeping an open mind and seizing whatever opportunities you think you are catching, the world does not stay still and revolves around you faster than you can perceive it. And if you are not quick enough, you might be left baffled of the changes.

This is a word of warning for those moments when you become that self absorbed that you don’t realize anything that is going on around you. There may be some inconsistencies in your behavior this May and those around will be quick to seize them.

They will use this both to unmotivate you and prevent you from doing what you initially wanted to do or simply to laugh it off in your face. It is interesting to see how you will react when you get caught bare foot. 

Feeling good about yourself

The first week of the month will be a complete fight for some sort of raise at work and you will probably feel compelled to show your worth. This might also mean doing things that are not necessarily moral and trying to prevent others from playing just as dirty as you are.

Although chances are you won’t get caught, you might want to think twice if this risk is actually worth. You need to protect your reputation and you are not prospectively gaining as much as to make this worth it.

On the other hand, this whole competition will make you feel very good about yourself and might also motivate you into getting into auxiliary activities to what you do at work. Research and academic endeavors are facilitated but you will also need to know the right people so you can be supported on your journey.

Playing the victim

You are putting way too much price on your charm and relying too much on sweet talking your way out of any situation and while at work this might go just fine, when it comes to family matters, they probably know your whole repertoire by know.

And just as you don’t like being played with your own cards, try not to manipulate those dear just to get more time for yourself. If you have to participate in some sort of event that yourself have planned or promised to attend, then this is it, period.

Don’t even think about making any excuses or victimizing yourself. You will still have to go trough the whole thing and you will feel a lot more miserable.

Although you shouldn’t receive the incentive, this might prove more interesting than expected, at least in terms of meeting new people. And by the looks of it, Jupiter is keen to introduce you to someone new, someone with similar interests to you.

What do you need

There might be some flirting and innocent games going on in your free time, in the second half of the month but nothing too serious, either because you are not willing to take things a step further or because it is simply not possible.

If you are from the second category and Venus has tempted you, then use the following days to think about what you did and see what you have gained and what you would have lost if you went ahead with it.

Most of your needs are probably met by your partner, and those that are not, maybe you are not expressing them clearly or are not being honest about them.

Agitation around

As the month nears its end, you are less and less tactful and tend to say exactly what you feel. This will in turn see some emotions being hurt as well as less tolerance from people you were once very close to. Even your friends might feel offended by this behavior of yours.

If you put this to agitation around work and maybe some chores at home you might have a good excuse, but otherwise, you are just acting up. And the whole disposition makes you prone to taking things on other people because you are not really in the emotional place to express them otherwise.

Creative natives are going to be the first to find means to show their feelings without risking to hurt others in the process.

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