Leo May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3413 views

It seems that May is going to force you to leave all childish behavior out and challenge yourself in ways you have not done it before. Most of your stress but at the same time, the biggest accomplishments, are going to come from your personal life and from interactions with people.

So be prepared to deal with a lot of people and a lot of different problems. You will be surprised as to what you can discover by others and how you can help them so easily.

It is not like you are going to find a very humanitarian side in yourself but doing so, will surely make you feel a lot better and feel as if you are contributing. There is talk about changes at home, perhaps triggered by other members of the family and at which you will have to be open to. Instead of transforming this into a terrible drama, find ways to adapt.

Being helpful

And speaking about drama, during the first week you are going to deal with the problems of a friend who surely is treating them quite superficially.

You are going to function as a wake up call for that person and this might teach you as well, a thing or two about how to treat your emotions.

There will be an occasion for you to get creative at work and although at first you are very excited and about to pursue that, in the end, you will distract yourself with something else. Or at least this is what you are going to advance as an excuse.

In reality, your fear of rejection is surfacing and it seems that this is not the right time for you to be in the spotlight.


Around the 12th, you are going to invest a lot of time in your relationship, perhaps too much time as your partner might end up feeling a bit overwhelmed.

If there is something you are trying to win back or you just want to prove yourself in the light of a talk you might have had recently, know that this is not really the winning recipe.

You can’t expect to get things back in a second, just as you didn’t lose them or let them slip in a second. There is room for progress but this won’t happen overnight, or else it wouldn’t be natural.

Mercury is reserving some challenges at work closer the 16th but you are ready for them, as they may relate to a project you have invested a lot of time in. Not being fazed at all by what comes your way, will surely impress your superiors and you might end up attending quite an interesting discussion.

Travel occasion

During the second half of May you might be on the road, whether this happens with work or with another occasion, you are very happy to oblige. Some natives might even use this as an occasion to spend extra time with their families.

Working on the road might also help you get your thinking out of the box and might put things into a perspective.

The only word of caution is to be careful with what you eat and any excesses you might make, especially in regards to partying, as this will have consequences that are more serious than you’d expect.

You might also find a need for spirituality but it will be quite hard to fulfill that, especially on the road. Hopefully, you won’t forget about these thoughts later on, when you come back.

Auspicious times at work

The stars are pushing ahead with any promotions or similar and you might see a faster advancement, especially if things have been stagnating for a while. Some natives are more solicited than usual, but this only makes them feel more motivated.

There is some potential for financial rewards as well, but the more you are waiting for that and the more you bet on it, the smaller the chances to actually receive it. The advice is to focus on priorities and on things that are in your control.

Everything that is out of your control and that you can’t really do anything to influence, should be left aside. Don’t get too busy however, too much seriousness is going to turn things sour really fast, regardless of how motivated you are.

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