Leo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The last month of spring will be an entertaining one for Leos but will also bring up some lifestyle contradictions. You are seeking balance between the demands work has from you, especially mentally, and your partner’s expectations. There is no in between and you desire to achieve the best in both.

You may want to leave aside your leadership tendencies, especially during the first half of May as you will be pleased to know that you can accomplish a lot more if you play along with your team mates.

Arrangements regarding travel or anything in the short-term sphere will be benefited, especially if you just take your decisions as you go along and don’t ponder too much on them. However, there is some tendency for you to worry about small details and fixate on small obsessions.

Sometime during the second half of the month there may be a celebration of some kind in the family. Your opinion of the event will vary widely, depending on who is coming, how much freedom you have in what you choose to wear and even depending on the food available.


Enhance: May is a great month for self-discovery so try your hand at as many activities as possible. You will be surprised by what you are good at and by what expectations may prove to be completely unrealistic.

Seeking harmony

Venus square Neptune on the 7th is one aspect you will need to keep in mind. It will open you up to the world but not necessarily in the best way.

Outspoken and pragmatic, you are not going to cut anyone any slack. Therefore, there is a high risk of conflict, even in your relationship.

You may lose focus easily and then blame others for your own indiscretions. If you are not the most ethical in the room, then there is no point in trying to teach others any lessons.


Astrological aspect of the month: Uranus arrives in Taurus where it will stay for the next 8 years, this is a transit of innovation and improving lifestyle so be prepared for new ideas and for finding ways to bring them into reality.

From the 15th onwards, you are going to enjoy a better time with your partner, perhaps even take things to a new level. Some natives will be willing to do anything to reinstate harmony in their relationship, which is rather peculiar for the proud Leo.

But it does demonstrate how far you can go when you love someone. However, you are not going to parade this willingness of yours to compromise so it is only for the most witty and intuitive of partners to discover.

With Mars’ arrival in your relationship house, you may remember a thing or two about your domineering behavior but this may only take place when it comes to money aspects.

You will still want to control how money is spent, especially if you sense your partner is inclined to spend it all on needless things. There is a discussion here as well, as to what you define as needless.


Watch out! May will be a demanding month, no matter how much your excitement will hide it, your body will be under serious stress. Make sure you rest when it is time to rest and eat well.

Whatever you think

With the Sun in the tenth house and Venus in the eleventh, you will rekindle a long-lost friendship and then reap the benefits of something you have done in the past. Promotions may be up for grabs or at least a moment in the spotlight.

Not that you would still need this, but your reputation can further be consolidated. This occasion will immensely help natives who’ve just moved into a new workplace.


TOP TIP of the month: During the second half your sentimental life will be most active and it appears that finally, the direction of your professional efforts will finally match that of your personal ones.

The 23rd debuts the Mercury opposed Jupiter aspect, one that will teach you that you cannot control everything. It will do it in a smooth way however so don’t expect anything dramatic going on.

You may get slightly carried away, perhaps during a social event of some kind, but your behavior will fall under the radar.

May is a progressive month, where you can say exactly what you think, without running the risk of hurting your friends. You could even transform jokes in an entrepreneurial endeavor so be careful about you are joking because the next day you might turn it into a business.

The Venus Jupiter trine will end the month in style, with a fresh bout of optimism and this feeling that you are on the right path, whatever this may be, as long as you remain true to yourself and your inclinations.

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