Leo May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You are sure to enjoy the sweet life this May as it seems that Venus' influence on your sign is now very strong, so you have before yourself a period of adventures and flirting.

This applies not only to new relationships but also to long-term relationships. You will feel as if you have fallen in love again. And it’s not only love that could give you butterflies but also other types of social interactions. Not to mention that you are totally advised not to neglect your family this month.

There will be a couple of tenser days but you will be able to move past those with ease and grace. You are a charmer and will sweet talk your way out of anything.

Parties and social events will be of most interest, especially during the second half of the month. You might even get the chance to meet an interesting person, perhaps someone who could help you professionally.

Financially, you'll have more luck in the second part of the month. If in the first part you have difficulties and will struggle to balance your expenses, the same cannot be said about the last two weeks, when luck will be on your side.

May highlights

On the first day of the month, the tense aspect of Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn may run havoc in your life with some strong effects. Some natives will be forced to do the right thing and even accept to some wrong choices from their past.

You can’t just throw anything under the carpet because this aspect takes the truth to light, a good opportunity to build something lasting in the future on solid and clean grounds.

The atmosphere is otherwise harmonious, especially for those natives who will interact with children of all ages, during the first week of May.

Some domestic chores may keep you stuck at home during the first weekend but you will not be complaining, but will, oddly, actually find some pleasure and accomplishment in what you do.

Around the middle of the month, you may face some contradictions and even a power clash with someone of authority. If you feel with all your heart that you are right, then you should most certainly pursue this till the end.

There may even be a rather emotional reason for you to do this and if so, you will want to honor this even more.

After the 23rd, you will be more socially active but this is not to say that you will also be most pleased with your social interactions.

On the contrary, it may even be that envy and suspicion will make their way in your entourage. You will prefer not to challenge anyone and will just live with your assumptions.

Leo love horoscope for May

In the first half of May, it would be said that you are driven by burning desires of all sorts, some that you have not felt before.

You want to see that a sentimental relationship goes exactly in the direction you want or, who knows, you lose more serious thoughts, formalizing an amorous partnership that already has enough maturity.

Some natives will tend to suddenly change their plans for the future, because they might try to bring a former flame back in their life.

Or they may feel the need to contact a person from their past to make sure everything's over before they start a new road.

Around the middle of the month, jealousy and possessiveness may also surface but this will be short lived. Those who have moral and decent partners will even feel bad for even having those thoughts about their partners.

This month you are more career-oriented and willing to leave the responsibilities of the house and the relationship on the shoulders of your partner, but of course this does not help.

And if you're single, looking for a relationship, maybe during the second half of the month, there's a chance of finding someone.

An abrupt, spectacular attraction can ignite your imagination in the last part of the month. Most likely, the idyll is set in a professional context, with a person with whom you already have a working relationship.

The Sun, your governing body, shines in your tenth house, making everyone the more ambitious. Love matters are now just an appendage to the professional life, just the fun that oils the machinery to keep going where it truly matters.

Career progress this month

There's no better feeling than doing what you like more than anything in the world, isn’t it? Well, this is your chance to create a positive working environment for your hold, Leo. You are able to lead and direct the situations in your favour this May.

You may also find it that old ways don’t work out anymore and that you are forced to be creative and inventive.

You will have to organize yourself very well, recognize your limits, and only assume how long you can go. A consistent support will be received towards the middle of the month from a very skilled person.

Another trend also talks about essential career changes, but it is a process that will start later on in the month and will continue throughout June.

There are still plenty of uncertainties in the financial part of your life, but they are caused by associates, partners, or family members.

Things are not clear, perhaps because both rights and obligations are mixed, unequally distributed, but no one deals with these issues either.

Around the 25th you might gather the courage and the clarity to start speaking out but this is also a lengthy process. However, it is really good if you get the ball rolling now.

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