Leo May 2020 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2020-04-25, 4158 views

Lions feel so in love this month that they forget they have other obligations at home or at work. For some natives, the love story started since winter is increasingly beautiful and full of surprises. It is the moment when they will also make plans for the summer.

The first part of the month is not very successful in giving you satisfaction, especially when you feel that you are not appreciated at your work. On the other hand, the second part of the month comes with more success, both professionally and personally.

The natives of the Leo zodiac will undergo some changes in May regarding the field of work. They have been struggling to change something in their current job for a long time, and this month they will put an end to this desire.

During this time, the family is with you and encourages you to do what's best for you. By making this decision you are giving yourself the opportunity to evolve both professionally and personally.

May 2020 highlights

The Moon will be bringing you peace of mind, in the sense that you will feel an inner peace, even if you may not have a real reason for it. It is as if everyone is in their rightful place, whether it is relationships, career or personality development.

However, Leo must not forget about health either. You will be prone to the flu and colds, and therefore we recommend strengthening your immune system with proper hydration and herbal teas. And if you add sport to this combination, you can consider yourself all set.

The influence of Venus on your sign is now very strong, which is why a period full of adventures and flirtations awaits you. This applies not only to new relationships, but also to long-term relationships. You will feel as if you are in love again. But don't neglect your family.

Advice for key dates in May:

Around the 3rd: Stop worrying unnecessarily because you are only making things worse for yourself;

Around the 17th: Good time for negotiations and for starting new collaborations;

Around the 23rd: Keep some boundaries, even from your closest friends;

Around the 26th: Time to discuss finances and to act more responsibly;

Around the 30th: Time to make a decision about something that has been bothering you for a while.

Leo love horoscope for May

It seems that the activity of the stars this May brings a new world, because love influences your thinking and conceptions. You have the chance to explore new and unexpected horizons and dimensions.

Together with your loved one you will discover something else about your relationship. Romantic trips are favored, distant relationships are established. You have a great need for privacy, so you do not have the same expansion and desire to talk to anyone about your personal feelings.

You like to socialize, to be noticed in public, but you're more cautious when it comes to couple life. Rather, you prefer to keep the pair away from prying eyes.

This month is a great time for prerequisite goal pursuits or any lifestyle work that requires initiative in the couple. Keep control, but avoid being too assertive. You may be working hard on something that is very important to you and a conflict with authority is likely that diplomacy will help you make better progress.

This month puts an extra emphasis on your role in the family; but the benefits come with frustrations. There is potential for treason from an unexpected source, but they can only hurt you if you let them.

Career and finances

The Lions have to give explanations about their work to the loved one and they do not feel comfortable in this posture. But because they were wrong they have to accept the reprimand and spend hours talking.

You are in the spotlight in the first part of the month, which you like and which makes you feel important. Many people are looking for you, and important people, want to talk to you or even ask you for advice.

But others will challenge you for professional discussions, debates on how you accomplish your tasks working. Be patient and choose your words and gestures carefully, as it all depends on improving your public image or place in a socio-professional group.

Another stage opens in the field of work, so it is good to make bold plans and present them to those who can sincerely and unconditionally support you. After the 21st, there is benefit from meetings and beneficial dialogues with friends and supporters in the professional field.

Avoid divulging your intentions or presenting your weaknesses to anyone and at any time. You have enough material and moral resources to do great with everything.

Wellbeing in May

It’s the second month of spring so it’s time to give your vocation a serious analysis and revitalize your sense of the future path. Who do you want to be in the eyes of the world? What are you looking for?

You can take on more professional responsibilities now because you have the strength and vitality to support them. This helps you to be more visible in your profession.

It is time to take advantage of this slower pace of the following month which is perfect for analyzing your achievements and doing everything to strengthen your professional position.

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