Leo May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Pay attention to your friends and professional life during May. Taurus in your sign’s square sends energies that invite you to be diplomatic and understanding, especially at work until the 20th.

If you don’t give importance to this advice, some delicate events may occur during the 1st decan. The planet Mars in Cancer doesn’t do your natural and very powerful dynamism any good, yet it says thinking is necessary before making decisions and taking action.

Until the 14th, Jupiter and Saturn in front of Leo and in Aquarius bring about quality associations or intimate relationships that are demanding. Be clairvoyant when choosing the people you will spend time with.

Starting with the 15th, Jupiter in Pisces makes you more sensual and eager to achieve success in the financial area.

From the 21st, Gemini is sending energies that are in accordance with your constellation and give your friendships a refresh. The people in your life are sincere and care deeply about you.

May 2021 Highlights

The planets that will act in Leo’s life have a beneficial influence and are expansive, so natives of this sign will have many intense and enriching experience.

They will enjoy life more, not to mention they’ll be mobilized to continue their projects and to come up with the most innovative solutions that no one even things about.

Leos will also have a good period for them to free themselves from toxic influences, either external or internat. May will be a good month for you to start studying your domain of work more, to begin projects, even to make trips that allow you to feel personally and professionally satisfied.

Since Leos are most of the time susceptible, this attitude of theirs will have them being unable to connect with their environment and isolating themselves.

This will complicate their life, so they need to make sure they’re not doing it, especially if they want to succeed. What they need to do is to allow their feelings to guide them, as they know in their heart what’s the right path for them.

Leo Love Horoscope for May

In May, Leos will have their romantic relationship filled with passion. This means they’re going to experience all sort of moments in which happiness and ecstasy overwhelm, especially from the 9th until the 16th.

Single Leos will be given the chance to meet their soulmate, whereas those who are involved will be able to make things formal between them and their partner, so engagement or marriage should be expected.

It’s important for them to communicate their feelings openly, also to not argue or get angry. Leo natives are going to shine and stand out because they’ll be more seductive and entertain.

The people in their surroundings will really appreciate them. Jupiter and Saturn in your marriage sector announce you’re going to have happiness and stability in the couple, yet not necessarily calm.

Be creative when it comes to your love life. Mars changes your sensual shyness, and you want to go out with your partner as much as you two can. Starting with the 5th, Mercury in the sign of Gemini brings guarantees that you’re going to be happy and easily make contact.

Keep your heart open because your encounters can lead to love. Your friendship crucible brings more opportunities for romance starting with the 10th, as a result of Venus’s influence. From the 21st, the Sun will join Venus, which makes things even better.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Leo is one of the Zodiac’s signs that stands out from the crowd, especially as far as work goes. Leo natives are always trying to do their job well. Since April already had their career sector positively improving, May will arrive only to confirm their improvement in this area.

Leos will go through positive changes at work, and their superiors will feel lucky to have them. Good chances for a promotion! At the same time, those Leos who aren’t happy in their workplace will not see any improvements because their frustrations will put them in a bad mood, and they will feel extremely down.

It’s important that Leos take advantage of this time period to make some changes at work because new opportunities are going to come their way soon. They are meant to feel better about what they’re doing for a living.

Since things at work will improve for them, Leos will start making more money, so they won’t have to worry about finances at the moment.

However, in order for this to happen, they need to take care of all legal matters that require their attention.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Since there may be some problems at work for them, most Leos will find themselves to be tired and burdened, all because they have made tremendous intellectual efforts. Their nervous system will be the most affected.

Try as much as possible to get some rest and to distract yourself from work problems by having fun. Don’t make important decisions if they aren’t about love, as this is the only area that won’t put a stress on your nerves and will go on just fine.

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