Leo November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2199 views

Both efforts for and worries about making money! Especially until November 12, Mars transiting Virgo alongside Jupiter (and Venus in the first week) provides enough energy for sustained efforts aimed at assuring predictability in earning money. But the Leo November 2015 monthly horoscope gives a clue about the source of this decisiveness that you prove in the matter. It’s about the worries you have with or without a particular reason in mind. 

Know when to stop

Anyway, you seem to hold sustained work in high regard and this is a positive thing. At least to a certain extent. Pretending to others to meet the same demands will appear exceeding. So, take advantage of the planetary transits through Virgo and go ahead struggling for more money, but don’t let too much caution lead you towards a compulsive behaviour.

The second half of November brings along challenging astrological aspects in terms of your way of expressing position in a relationship. It’s first the Black Moon – Venus conjunction and then the Black Moon – Mars conjunction in Libra expected to bring rude and violent communication that actually hides deep fears that you might feel about important relationships.

The funny thing is that it is precisely those fears of losing a relationship that might induce an uninspired way of talking that would eventually contribute to ruining the relationship. But this is what the astrological forecast is for, to prevent certain actions and to warn you about the risks involved in the matter. Then it’s up to you to find the right ways to avoid them if you want to.

Searching old sores to understand the past

Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio give you an investigative mind, but also a rummage of deep feelings and memories. Especially near mid-November, chances are for this energy to make you reach to the core of old issues in your past and give them a good old thought.

Maybe meeting certain people will provide you with subtle understanding of facts that remained unclear or painful over years, mostly affecting your self-esteem.

The hard aspects formed on mutable signs in the last decade of the month are meant to force you towards admitting how you actually feel you should use and express your creativity. At bottom, you need to be honest to yourselves and choose what really stirs your passion and devotion.

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